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March 27, 2014

Dachshund back brace

I could have used a SnugglePuppie!

SnugglePuppie For Stress, Healing and Recovery

When you discover something beautiful, don’t you just want to share it?

My little doxie June had two episodes of IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) before I couldn’t stand it any more! She was prescribed strong medication and crate rest for six to eight weeks. It was as painful for me to witness as it was for her to experience. June was never used to a crate so I set up a pen in the corner of our living room surrounding her with food, water, her therapeutic bed and blanket. She was in “healing mode” so she didn’t mind the confinement and she loved that her family was in sight, always nearby to offer a stroke, a kiss, a loving word.  At bedtime I moved her “pen house suite” to our bedroom. At all times in a 24 hour period I wanted June to feel safe, secure and infinitely loved.

June eventually healed but not too long afterwards she had ANOTHER harrowing IVDD related episode! As you can imagine, I was beside myself!! Her vet then told me she would ALWAYS have a vulnerable back. I distinctly remember him using the words, “a ticking time bomb!!” I mean, come ONNNN! What was I supposed to do?  (Lisa’s Story)

Everyone in my family pitched in to be  June’s caregivers and we took our job very seriously. But there were times we all had to be out of the house during the day. My husband and I worked, my two daughters were in school. Henry, June’s older doxie brother, stayed outside the pen with his watchful  eyes, but June was really on her own in the pen.

Hindsight is 20/20. June sure could have used a Snugglepuppie for stress, healing and recovery! Did you know that dogs are instinctively pack animals and they calm down when next to another beating heart? This stuffed brown mutt not only has two heat source’s for warmth but it also has a real feel pulsing heart you place inside the underside pocket. Once you turn the switch ON, the heart comes alive!  SnugglePuppie™ is a cozy friend for animals that offers comfort, reassurance and calm in times of loneliness, anxiety, stress and recovery. I wish I had invented it!

June and Henry spirited away to doggie heaven several years ago (not because of  back issues) and now we have three shelter dogs. They each sleep with their own SnugglePuppie™ and I never hear a peep out of them! Recently, I had the flu and was down and out. I curled up with a SnugglePuppie™ and I have to say it was so comforting I went right to sleep. I plan on buying one for my step daughter’s first baby due in June. Don’t we all need something to snuggle and love?

SnugglePuppie™ Video



Calming, soothing, relaxing! This is my Ryder!







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