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December 19, 2011

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What Is a Healthy Dog?

When you think of a healthy dog, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you think of a dog that is fed nutritious food? Perhaps you imagine a dog that has had all of his or her shots, or one that has been spayed and neutered and receives regular wellness checks. These are certainly ways to ensure that your pup is physically healthy, but just as health is all encompassing for humans, so it is for our canine companions as well. Good health isn’t just about the physical aspects, but the mental and emotional sides of life as well.

Whether your dog is a young puppy or an aging senior, ensuring that you attend to all of his or her needs is very important. The ideal health regimen for any dog should encompass the mind, body, and spirit alike. While our animals may not be able to communicate their needs verbally, their bodies and actions certainly offer indicators of what they need. For example, a dog that is sleeping too much or shows no enthusiasm despite a clean bill of health may well just need to go for an invigorating walk or to play a game of fetch with his or her guardian.

Dogs require exercise, play, food, shelter, warmth, and lot’s of LOVE!!! Please be kind to your pets and give them the care they deserve!

Here is a wonderful site to help you raise a healthy dog and enjoy the incredible bond of caring, love, companionship and trust between dogs and humans.


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