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January 23, 2015

Puppy LovePuppy Love

Pet parents across the globe introduced a new member to the family over the holiday season and bringing home a new baby comes with its highs and lows.

Of course, the pure joy of having this new playmate around the house is the most rewarding; however, sometimes making such a huge transition can also bring a list of unexpected challenges.

Whether you are a first-time pet parent or adopting another pup into an already plentiful brood, there are always surprises with each new addition, since no two dogs are ever the same.

As we have now entered the Season of Love, I thought I would share some of my favorite thoughts about the ups and downs of Puppy Love.

—The family CAT

I love receiving photos from my customers of their dogs wearing a WiggleLess® and every so often I catch a cat peering into the lens from the background. Although we don’t have a cat in the Luckenbach household at this time, I’ve heard many funny stories over the years about a moody cat reluctantly accepting his or her new baby brother or sister.

I recently enjoyed watching and posting a video all about cats being annoyed with an over-abundance of purrrr-sonal attention from their pet siblings. The dogs in the video were begging for acceptance, at times nuzzling up to their furry sidekicks and at other times, tackling them and demanding their love.

The union of two creatures is a hilarious thing to witness, especially when one (or the other) is having issues accepting this new addition into the family pack.

—Potty Training

One of the less glamorous aspects of introducing a new pet to your home; coming home to find pee and poop scattered lovingly around your carpets is not the most enjoyable experience! And learning to patiently teach your new pet how and when to manage potty time can be very frustrating, especially if you have little human babies running around too.

I will never forget a funny story told to me by a new mom. She and her husband thought it would be a wonderful idea to introduce baby to a new puppy, so they could grow up together. The only thing she did not plan for was house-training.

Holding her toddler in one arm after he had pooped all over himself and their carpeted bathroom, she hurried to the kitchen to grab some paper towels and cleaning supplies. On the way she stepped into a nice little surprise left by her infant cocker spaniel, Jerry. After then kicking off her smeared slipper, grabbing necessary cleaning supplies and making her way back to the bathroom, she watched as the cat, who had missed the litter box, was peeing in full view as she stood helplessly- paper towels and spray in one hand, baby crying in the other and puppy wagging behind her.

—Early to Rise

Anyone with kids (or dogs) knows this means you will never again sleep in on Saturday. Forget sleep masks or black out curtains, the pup crew will ensure you are up at dawn to feed and open the doors for playtime. They are not on your schedule and although a nice snooze in the afternoon may be allowed, when they are up and ready to go- so are you!

—Health Concerns

Unfortunately, there is never a perfect pup. Inevitably our furry kids will develop or come with health issues -some sooner rather than later. It can be heart-breaking to bring home a new bundle of joy, only to learn they have a ‘pre-existing condition’ or may develop problems because of their breed, size or family history.

Many of you are familiar with the reason behind the creation of WiggleLess® and although both June and Henry enjoyed long lives, it was a struggle at first to educate myself on IVDD and fully understand what I was facing as a parent of dachshunds. Learning the pros and cons of the breed you adopt is a must.

Feeling prepared for what may come can alleviate some of the stress caused by an unexpected health scare and taking preventative precautions only increases the likelihood that your pet will live a long and healthy life.

—Rock the Routine

As with sleep, your routines and patterns will change when you make the choice to adopt. Juggling a day of errands, work, cooking, feeding, playtime, vet visits, naps, etc. etc. will add more to your to-do list than you may have expected, so to all of you considering bringing home a “licker of love” this year- just be prepared… to ROCK your ROUTINE!

For more information on being a first time dog owner, check this out:


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