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August 10, 2014


Naming your dog

Chai, Laverne, Ryder…we were all given the best names!

What’s in a name?

Recently, I saw a friend’s post on Facebook. She had just adopted an adorable little puppy, and this little guy needed a name. She posted a picture of him with the title:

‘I just adopted this cute little puppy!!! Now, what should I name him???

Her Facebook friends had fun with this and started commenting on her post with a bunch of suggestions for a name. This got me thinking…what is in a name?

It is so important to choose the right name for your dog. After all a name says so much about him. I began doing a little research and thought wouldn’t it be interesting to give your new puppy or a dog you adopt from a shelter a name with meaning?

Each breed has such a distinct and rich history, so wouldn’t it be great to pay homage to that?

For instance, the Shih Tzu originated in China around 800BC. Shih Tzu literally means ‘Lion Dog’ in Chinese. So the name Leo (Lion) might suit him. Let’s take it one step further and give your pup a name that pays tribute to her Chinese lineage like Zhu (Pearl), Fushi (God of Happiness), Ning (Peace), or Shan (Precious).

Additonally, let’s take a look at the minuature Poodle. This dog was orignally bred in Germany and was eventually adopted by the French as their national breed due to their popularity— particularly with aristocracy—in France. The Poodle originally took its name from the German ‘Pudelhund’ (i.e. splash about dog) and is an excellent water retrieval dog. A name like Captain or Skipper would be a good moniker to demonstrate this breed’s love of water. Or how about the fact that the Poodle is synonymous with France.!? French names such as: Beau (handsome), Belle (pretty), Bisoux (Kisses), Coco (Chocolate), Mignon (Cute), Baguette, or Bordeaux would seem apropos.

What about those loveable little Lhasa Apsos. Did you know that these little guys were bred to guard the interiors of Buddhist monesteries from intruders in Tibet? So a name like Dharma (protection), Karma (action,deed) or Monk would all seem like appropriate names for your little Lhasa Apso. Furthermore, the name Lhasa Apso actually means ‘bearded’ in Tibetan. Can you think of any famous bearded men? Abe? Or Lincoln, anyone?

After our two dachshunds Henry and June passed away (we had named them after a famous love affair) my two girls picked out our current three dogs over time from our local humane society.

Our cocker was “Coco” when they brought him home. We renamed him “Ryder” because he is such a cool hippie-like dude with his curly, long, floppy ears and he embodies the name!

Soon after they brought home Laverne. She had been with her litter mate “Shirley”. The name Laverne seems so fitting. She’s her own dog, quirky, funny, and she has a Laverne-like personality. We always chuckle when we call out her name! “Laverne! Verney! Vern!” — she’s such a happy little girl.

Lastly, they brought home a little white puppy mix and we name her “Chai.” She has interesting markings on her head and body that look like someone spilled a cup of chai tea on her! And it’s our favorite morning comfort drink!

With a little research and a little creativity, you can have fun finding an endearing name for your new family addition!

dog back brace

We love our names!

dachshund back brace

June and Henry – named after a great love affair.




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