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March 18, 2016

Dog tips and adviceMy Puppy Club, by Susan Day

We all dream of retiring to the country, right?

The fresh air, the solitude and the bounties that come from living closer to nature.

In 2014, Susan and her family did just that. She left behind a big dog training facility in the city and moved three hours’ drive away.

Well, it didn’t take long for word to get around that Susan could train dogs. While there are a few large schools about an hour’s drive away, the locals in her town encouraged her to start a class for them. Susan and Rocky explained that they were retired from dog training and while they were flattered, especially Rocky, because he’s a terrible show-off, they couldn’t possibly start all over again.

But the good people of Dunolly insisted and classes began late last year.

Do you know what else happened? Susan thought about all the knowledge and experience she had amassed training dogs. She had literally trained thousands of dogs in agility, obedience and just how to be nice, well-mannered pooches.

She rediscovered her passion for the welfare of dogs and took her new classes a step forward and began a blog.

The blog is called My Puppy Club and it is designed to be a one stop place for tips and advice for dog owners.

While the main focus is on gentle, positive based training, you’ll find tips on bathing, diet and behavioral advice too. You can grab a copy of Susan and Rocky’s book that encapsulates everything you need to know regarding trick and obedience training.

You’ll also enjoy the stories of dogs that have enriched Susan’s career. There is a whole section on Susan’s blind dog, Stella, too.

Susan also writes children’s books about… you guessed it, dogs. The Astro’s Adventures series are great books for young readers starting to read chapter books. Each character in the series is based on the life of real dog. Both Rocky and Stella star in the book along with a quirky, zany bunch that will warm your heart and give you a good ol’ belly laugh.

If you are a new puppy owner or a seasoned dog lover, you are bound to find something of interest on My Puppy Club.

Dog tips and advice

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