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August 11, 2018

When considering whether to microchip your dog, consider this: No pet owner ever wants to experience trauma over losing a beloved dog. Although collars and ID tags exist to help in the search, they are still not completely foolproof.

Fortunately, today’s technology has made the injection of a dog microchip possible to help reunite you with your beloved lost pet.

As equally important as getting all the necessary pet vaccinations, getting a microchip ensures that your pooch has a unique ID whenever and wherever he may wander off.


A microchip is an implanted computer chip that encrypts a distinct identification number which properly links pets to their owners. It’s no bigger than a single grain of rice and is placed under your dog’s skin using a needle and syringe.


Even the most responsible pet owner won’t be able to control everything that will happen to his or her dog. Someone may create a hole in your fence, or a natural disaster may cause you and your four-legged friend to go separate ways. A microchip doesn’t oppose the way you care for your furry friend, it simply gives you another avenue to provide the best protection.

Here are other reasons why you should choose microchipping for your beloved pooch.

1. It isn’t difficult to get.

Similar to how your dog gets his shots at the vet, microchip implantation makes use of a syringe that attaches the chip between shoulder blades. There’s no anesthesia required, so you can expect your pooch to feel a little bit of pain.

Your dog may not feel great during the implantation, but it’s well worth it in case he gets lost in the future.

2. It lasts for a lifetime.

Microchips can last throughout your dog’s lifetime, or even longer. Generally, it can last up to 25 years. In very rare occasions, they can stop working due to internal faults but you can just ask your vet to insert a new one. 

3. It protects your dog from getting stolen.

Microchipping is a way to identify your dog as your own in a manner that other humans can’t easily tamper with. This helps protect your pooch from getting stolen and sold. Furthermore, it puts your mind at ease to know that even if your dog wanders off, someone can identify him.

4. It can save your dog’s life.

When a dog gets lost, it’s easy for them to become frightened. Mostly, it triggers a dog to dash into unfamiliar and dangerous territories. With a microchip, it becomes easier for rescuers to identify and locate your pup before he can enter unsafe places.

5. It allows easy entry into the house.

Nowadays, there are doggie-doors available that can recognize your dog’s chip. These doors are programmed to open only for your pet, allowing easy access for your pooch.

You can avoid experiencing miserable moments of being separated from your pet by implanting a microchip. After all, you can sleep easy knowing you’ve done all you can to protect and nourish the pet you love.


Dr. Max Spicer is the Managing Partner and Senior Veterinary Surgeon at The Veterinary Hospital in Dubai. He has taken strides towards providing comprehensive service by hiring veterinarians that are flexible, approachable, and highly specialized in their respective fields.