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July 01, 2019

Dogs At The Beach


6 Tips on How To Prepare Your Dog For a Day Out On the Beach

Summer doesn’t just have to be fun for us human beings. It can be fun for your pets too! Taking your dog to the beach on your summer vacation with the whole family can be super fun to experience.

Think of all the memories you’ll make with your pooch right alongside you. 

However, there are things that can go wrong anytime.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help you out with a few tips and tricks on how to best prepare your dog (and yourself) for a day out on the beach. Let’s grab our sunscreens and get to it!

1. Find Out if Your Dog Likes the Beach

First things first, find out if your dog actually likes the beach or not. It’d be a crying shame for you to find that out after you’ve taken them to the beach. So, it’s important to know if your dog likes rolling around in the sand and water or not.

If you have no idea if they like the beach or not, you can always make a trial run. Plan a half-day trip to your nearest beach or lake and see if they take to it or not.

Watch out for any signs of frolicking in the sand or diving in for a swim. If they do, then great!

2. Watch Out for Loose Dogs

Many pet-friendly beaches let your dog be off-leash. However, this can become an issue since there will be other dogs present there as well.

What’s worse is that your dog could easily get lost in the crowd if they are off-leash, bark your ears off from all the excitement of being in the same place with other dogs or get bullied by other dogs or vice versa.

For times like this, you can use the tbi bark pro v3 to help you keep your dog in check and close to you

3. Keep Your Dog Safe

The best way to keep your dog safe is by using long leashes and harnesses. They can still swim with the leash and harness on and you can always pull them back if they’ve swum too far.

Dogs love chasing after birds, they might even run away or get chased by other animals present on the beach. A long leash will keep them close to you and most importantly keep them safe.

Make sure to pack in a long leash and a harness with it!

4. Hot Sands Can Be Dangerous

If you think standing on hot sand is painful, imagine the same for your dog as well. It can be very painful for your dog. You can wear sandals, your dog can’t. It’s important to keep checking their paw pads frequently.

They could get blisters, burns, irritations from salt water or other sea creatures. Keep them on wet sandy areas and under shaded lounging spots. Make sure to bring large umbrellas, cooling pads and a cooler to store cool water in it.

Keep your dog’s bowl under the shade, limiting their exposure to the sun and remember to cool them down with cold water every now and then.

5. Dogs Need Sunscreen Too

That’s right, freshly shaved dogs or short-coated dogs need protection from the sun. Hit the shops for a sunscreen that’s chemical free with an SPF of at least 30.

If your dog likes to swim then make sure it’s a waterproof sunscreen as well. Apply it as per the instructions on the bottle and generously on their nose, paws and ear tips.

6. Give Your Dog a Bath

After you head back from your summertime on the beach with your dog, it’s time to give him a bath. Use a gentle shampoo and rinse thoroughly as sand can really get themselves settled on their coat.

If not rinsed thoroughly the leftover sand can cause rashes, scratches and hot spots. Salt water itself can damage your dog’s coat too. Wash them twice if you have to just to make sure.

It’s better to be thorough than let your dog scratch themselves. 

Final Thoughts

We hope our tips help you to better prepare yourself the next time you plan a vacation trip out on the beach with your furry friend! Pass along the tips to your other dog owning friends and share with us your experience!