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January 09, 2018

How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

by Anna Stewart, from Puphowcom


From furniture to your own clothes, in this article, I have rounded up different ways on how to get rid of pet hair.

How to get rid of pet hair

As a dog owner, your worries may include how to feed your dog, what dog food works best for him or her, when to take him or her to the vet, what is a good diet plan for him or her. However, your worries do not just end there. Your dog will naturally shed hair or coat. And along with this, of course, is the possibility of your dog’s hair falling down on every single aspect and area of your house. This can pose a problem as these hairs are not harmless and can cause your house to be untidy. In this article, I have listed ways in which you can get rid of pet hair — from furniture to the floor, I’ve got you covered.

How to Get Rid of Pet Hair

Depending on what area or aspect, your chosen way to get rid of pet hair may differ from one another. Here is a detailed guide.

Furniture made out of fabric or upholstery

How to get rid of pet hair


Step One: For step one, make sure you have a pair gloves that are made out of rubber. You must wet your rubber gloves first, to make it easier for the second step.

Step Two: Cover your hands with the gloves made out of rubber. Then proceed to run your rubber gloves-covered hands along the furniture that is covered with pet hair. Having dampened gloves will make it easier for the hair to attach to the gloves.

Step Three: Just rinse your gloves after every round to get rid of the pet hair. Repeat the steps as many as you have to.

Option Two

Step One: Make sure you have a clean cloth, clean water,and fabric softener ready.

Step Two: Mix the fabric softener with water to create a combo cleaner.

Step Three: Spray the combo solution onto your piece of fabric and use it to wipe the furniture and get rid of the hair.


Furniture made out of wood

Step One: Make sure you have a clean piece of cloth or fabric. Make sure you also have a dusting spray that is anti-static. If unavailable, a furniture polish will work as well.

Step Two: Sprinkle the anti-static dusting spray onto the wooden furniture. The purpose of the spray is to get rid of the electric charge. This makes it easy for the hair to quickly attach to the fabric and not stick back to the wooden furniture.

Step Three: Just rinse your piece of cloth or fabric after every round to get rid of the pet hair. Repeat the steps as many as you have to.


Step One: For getting rid of pet hair off of carpets, you are going to need to get yourself a piece of pumice stone. Pumice stones are very efficient at gathering hair right up.

Step Two: Just gently run this stone along your carpet. You do not have to worry about this one damaging your carpet. Pumice stones do their job without leaving a scratch or any damage.

Option Two

Step One: For this option, all you have to do is to get yourself a vacuum cleaner. Pretty easy, right?

Step Two: Instead of only going at it once, go over your carpet at least two or three times. Go at it using alternate directions, as well. This is to ensure that you will lose all stubborn hair.

 Hardwood floors

How to get rid of pet hair

Step One: You need to equip yourself with a microfiber dry mop. Electrostatic dry mops work as well.

Step Two: Mop the floor using either one of the mentioned equipment.


Step One: This option is for the brief and easy encounters. If you happen to be in a real hurry, make sure you always have a lint roller ready.

Step Two: Just roll over the lint roller along the fabric. Take note this solution is only for those situations in which you are in a rush and in need of a quick fix.

Option Two

Step One: This option is designed for clothes that are stuck with big quantities of hair. Make sure you have a dryer at home and a dryer sheet, as well.

Step Two: Just throw your clothes inside the dryer along with the dryer sheet. You can also use a dryer ball which is a solution that is free from any chemical as an alternative. The purpose of this is because the act of movement plus the softener makes it easy for the hair to attach.

Additional Tips

How to get rid of pet hair

—Not having a clean air filter makes it easy for pet hair to just spread around. For this reason, make sure that you change your air filters frequently.

—The best types of flooring that you can use if you own a pet are tile or hardwood. With these types of flooring, it will be easier for you to get rid of the pet hair.

—A sponge is very efficient at getting rid of pet hair from furniture. However, take note that dampened ones will always work better since hair stick more easily to wet ones.

—Try opting to use blankets or slipcovers as a way to protect your furniture like your couch. In this way, it will be very easy for you to get rid of pet hair. You will only have to change weekly and throw in the blankets or covers into the washer.

—This tip focuses more on prevention rather than an actual solution. For this tip, you will need to brush your pet regularly. This prevents him or her from shedding too much. To be specific, for dogs with undercoat, choose the type of brush that looks like a rake.

—This tip involves tape. To be specific, you are going to have to get some duct tape. Or at least have some stock. Just take a strip of the tape and wrap it around the roller and roll it on the clothes. Do this until the tape is filled up. Then proceed to rip it off. Repeat the process as many as you need to.

— If you find any of these tips challenging to execute, then you may also opt to seek professional help. There are a lot of professional home cleaning services you can book for a price. You can also do this when in doubt of what method to use.

Final Thoughts

Getting rid of pet hair differs depending on what area you want to clean or what area is stuck with hair that you wish to get rid of. There is also a variety of options. For example, for furniture like couch or other fabric-made furniture, you need to be ready with a pair of rubber gloves, fabric softener and a piece of clean fabric. For carpets, you need a pumice stone. In addition to all the aforementioned tips, prevention will always be better than cure. Regular dog brushing and house cleaning are key.


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