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April 28, 2017

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need

Exercising your dog

WiggleLess Family member, Ryder, gets a healthy dose of exercise every single day.

Every animal is unique, and so is your pet. Even with a busy schedule, you ought to create some time for them. Dogs need exercise as much as you do. Exercising ensures he maintains a healthy body, improves mental health, and takes out that extra energy. In addition, exercising your pet helps control his weight and is also a good way of relaxing after a long day. The consequences of not exercising include unruly behaviors as well as being undisciplined.

Destroying the Myths

You may have heard that running around the house, grabbing a toy or bouncing from one point to another is good exercise. As involving as it is, this is not enough for your pet. They need approximately 30 minutes to an hour of exercise every day. Basic activities in the house don’t meet their fitness needs. It is advisable to take them out to a field, a park, or even in your backyard if it is spacious.

Take into consideration that every pet will exercise differently. You have to do a thorough background check if you just adopted a new pet. Learn what they have been eating and if that suits the breed well. Study the feeding intervals, the type of exercise and duration before you introduce new patterns. Take time to learn what your pet prefers; does it have a favorite toy? Does it enjoy a particular kind of meal?

Before starting on any exercise pattern, socialize your pet. This mostly applies to dogs. A walk in the amusement park helps them to associate themselves with other dogs and people.

Energy Levels

Different pet breeds have different energy levels and requirements. For example, some dogs are more sedentary than others. It doesn’t mean they don’t need exercise. Others will only manage to train for short periods like Chihuahuas. For such kinds of dogs, the best thing to do would be to split the exercise sessions to short ones. You could have 10 minute walks four times a day.

It is advisable to study your pet type and its energy requirements before starting any exercise. Ensure they get enough exercise without necessarily going to extremes or getting very tired or even bored.

General Health and Weight

Assess your pet’s weight and general health condition before planning for exercise. If your pet is overweight, you need to implement dietary changes along with favorable exercise. It takes time for overweight pets to adapt to an exercise routine, therefore break down the activity periods throughout the day.

If your pet is under medication for a particular condition, talk to your veterinary doctor on the most suitable kinds of exercise for them. Some conditions may require the dog to have complete rest while others are not affected by exercise.


The age of your pet dictates what kind of exercise is well suited for him. Older pets tend to work out less due to underlying conditions such as stiff joints. Again this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t work out enough. Consider splitting their workouts to short spans throughout the day.

Young pets are more energetic than older ones; therefore, fixing a routine is much easier. However, it is important to study your pet’s preferences, breed, and general condition before starting any exercise.

Environmental Conditions

You need to identify a suitable place to carry out your pet’s exercises. Grassy fields and parks are the best. The soft ground ensures they don’t suffer from pressure below their feet when running or walking around. It’s therefore very essential to avoid paved or concrete surfaces, especially for vigorous exercises.

Put into consideration the weather conditions before going out with your pet. Harsh conditions like rainfall or ice may not be favorable for them. In such circumstances, substitute the workout with simple sporting activities in your house. Involving your kids in indoor activities with your pet makes it even better. It is important to keep your pet hydrated while exercising, especially in hot conditions. Therefore, carry some water for them.

Suggested Activities

Physical activities like walking can be very beneficial to your pet. It not only expends extra energy but also gives them a relaxing feeling. According to bark experts, swimming is another good way to exercise and relax your pet, especially dogs. Remember to use a life vest to avoid the risk of drowning for less experienced pets.

Mental activities like deceiving your pet with food toys can be very helpful. It challenges the pet to reach for the food treat in the toy by tossing it around. If your pet associates a particular scent with a favorite meal hide it in the backyard and let them look for it.

The Bottom Line

To maintain a healthy pet, you have to engage him in exercises. I emphasize on tailor made routines to suit your pet because like I said before, every pet is different. A pet is your best friend at home, right? Exercising your pet takes time, but the results are worth the sacrifice.

Exercising your pet

WiggleLess Owner takes her dogs on daily hikes for exercise.



WiggleLess guest blogger, Sarah Jones, is the editor of up in a household with three dogs, two cats, and two parakeets, she learned to love and understand animals. Helping others with their animals by sharing her knowledge is something close to her heart, and she can’t think of a better life than having a pet by your side. 

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