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August 16, 2019

How Dogs See Our World


As a dog owner, whether you are one already or you’re planning to become one, it would be very useful to understand how dogs see and perceive our world. Understanding your dog better means that you’ll find effective ways of strengthening your bond and improving your relationship. One of the biggest mistakes dog owners make is to treat dogs as human beings. While there’s nothing wrong wanting the best for your most loyal companion, dogs live their lives according to a set of rules that is different from ours. Besides this, the way the see and experience the world is different as well. What seems normal to you may seem strange for your dog.

Many of the behavior-related issues dog owners deal with are connected with the fact that they are not aware or do not respect the true nature of their dogs. Even if our intentions are the best, as we want to treat our dogs as a real family member. But, at the same time, we do not realize that this kind of approach is not always the best. Dogs are pack animals and they need to live within a hierarchy, in order to be well-behaved and obedient. In other words, if you don’t want to take in the role of pack leader, your dog will. And this often translates into a hard-to-handle pooch.

Thus, it is best to know as much as possible about the perception of dogs over our world, so you can give your dog adequate attention and living conditions. Maybe you already know some things, while other aspects could surprise you.

  • Dogs enjoy getting our attention and affection

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It is well-known that dogs love to get attention and affection from us. We just need to think about the way our dog greets us when we return home, to realize just how important we are to our pets. But do you know just how much this affects your dog? Are you aware of how your attention and affection impacts your dog’s brain?

You just need to look at your dog and its blood flow will immediately start to change. Your attention only will make blood flow faster in the dog’s ears, eyes, and paws. This means that the dog enters a state of excitement, enjoying the fact that it finally gets some attention from your side.

Besides attention, affection is extremely important for dogs. Petting a dog even for just 15 minutes will significantly reduce its stress and anxiety levels. This is why it is recommended to visit dog shelters, for example, in order to pet the dogs there and give their much-needed attention. Although these may seem like small gestures to you, they can drastically improve the mental state and life quality of a dog.

  • Dogs explore the world by tasting and chewing on things

If you had a small child, you probably know that young children discover the world with the help of their senses. Eyesight, smell, touch, and taste are the most basic methods that help us acquire information about our surrounding environment when we are very young. So, it is common for babies and toddlers to put items in their mouth and chew on them. It is how their instincts are telling them to see what an item is about.

The same happens in the case of dogs. They will lick and chew things in order to check it out, besides smelling it and seeing it. Of course, chewing in the case of dogs occurs due to other reasons as well. The growth of new teeth, boredom, or high levels of stress, will also make a dog want to chew on things. The process calms the dog down and gives it the change to consuming its energy.

So, don’t be surprised when your dog will want to pick something in its mouth after sniffing it. Because it cannot touch it as humans do, the dog will use its mouth to test the item and check it out with its sense of taste. Unfortunately, some dogs will choose to eat things that are smelly or unpleasant, scientists not being able to fully understand why dogs do this, like eating cat poop.

  • Just how many colors can a dog see?


It is well-known the fact that dogs see fewer colors than humans do. They have a much better sense of smell than us, but when it comes to seeing colors, their eyesight is not that well-developed. Do you know just how many colors can your dog see? After finding these details out, you will think twice when choosing a colorful toy for your dog.

The cones of the eyes, which are one of the two types of receptors used to see the images found around us, are responsible for the perception of color. Humans have three types of cones, which are similar to the primary color palette. Thus, with their help, we are capable of distinguishing a wide range of colors. Dogs have, on the other hand, only two types of cones. Their eyesight is close to that of color-blind people, who are not able to see green and red. So, dogs cannot distinguish too many colors.

In other words, the world of the dogs is pretty much a black and white movie, with very little colors around. They can distinguish shades of blue, yellow, and green, but in a rather faded manner. So, the belief that dogs like grassed areas due to their color is wrong. Dogs are attracted by grass because of the smell and not of the color.

If you think that your dog will love more a red ball than a yellow ball, now you know that it won’t be able to see the ball as being red. You will have more success if you choose a yellow ball, as this is one of the colors a dog can actually spot. Another thing you should remember about the eyesight of a dog is that dogs have trouble detecting different brightness levels and they are near-sighted as well. Having all this in mind, we can say that dogs don’t see our world very well at all. Luckily, they have their amazing noses to guide them through better.

  • Dogs are incredible creatures no matter what

It doesn’t matter that much the fact that dogs can’t see too many colors. They are incredible because they have other senses more developed than their eyesight. They are sensitive to our state of mind and can know ourselves better than we do in many cases. Not to mention that they will always be by our side, offering unconditional love and loyalty, regardless of who we are and what we own.

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