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October 21, 2013


A Safe Halloween for your dog!Halloween is the season of excitement, activity, decorations, costumes and candy.   This is a fun time of the year for children and adults as they venture off for an evening of getting dressed up in their costumers and trick or treating throughout the neighborhood.  During this fun time we mustn’t forget our four-legged family members and the effect that all this excitement and activity can have on them.

Dogs can easily be SPOOKED by loud noises and become SCARED or THREATENED by strangers dressed up in costumes.  It’s always a good idea to have your family dog in another room or separated from the stream of Trick or Treaters arriving at your front door to collect their candy.  It is not only safer for your pet but also for young children who may not be used to being around animals.  Music or the noise from the television can help block out some of the unfamiliar noises for your pet as children arrive at your door.  The ringing of the door bell will annoy your dog; often it is suggested that placing a sign or even a piece of tape over the door bell will avoid the constant ringing of the bell that will upset your dog.

Halloween is all about the treats, more so than the tricks, but Halloween treats can be very dangerous for your dogs.  Candies can make your dog very ill and in some cases cause diarrhea and vomiting.  Too much and over indigestion of certain candied products or chocolate could lead to more serious illnesses.  Candy wrappers, decorations and glow sticks could become lodged in your dog’s digestive track or even worse are toxic once swallowed.  It should be a priority to keep your pets safe this Halloween by keeping candy, chocolate, candy wrappers and all decorations that may look fun for your dog to chew on out of harm’s way of your pet.

Costumes can be fun for everyone, including dressing up your dog but precaution should always be taken when anyone is wearing a costume.  Making sure that the costume fits properly so that no one trips over long garments, masks or make up does not block visibility and that costumes are not too tight to restrict movement or circulation.

Halloween is a fun time of the year and everyone in the family can enjoy it provided precautions are taken and safety is always a concern.

Make this a fun and exciting event for everyone in your family, including your dog.

Have A Safe & Happy Halloween!




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