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March 23, 2020

Won't anybody play with me?

Won’t anybody play with me?

Fun Dog Games To Play With Your Dog

Fun dog games to play with your dog is not only fun for you and your pup it’s great exercise and builds strong bonds! Keeping active is healthy for both owners and their pets.  There are lots of ways you can engage and interact with your dog so you both enjoy your fun playtime together.  Dogs love to play, they enjoy being active and most of all they will have fun being active and using their minds to follow the tasks.

If you are looking for some fun ways to spend a few hours or an afternoon outside with your fury friend here are some examples of games you can play.

Follow the Leader is played just as it sounds.  If you are in an open field begin by setting up some stationary items such as pillions, balls or frisbees.  Have your dog follow you and your commands while walking (or running) around the objects you have placed on the ground.  Make sure to change directions and zig zag about so that your dog is always wondering which way you are going to turn next. Keep saying “follow me” and eventually they will learn this command.  This is also a great training tool for puppies.   A treat or reward at the end of the play time with praise of “good job” will want them to eagerly play this game the next time you say, “follow me”.

Another game similar to follow the Leader is Catch Me.  You have to be quick on your feet for this one.  This can be played in an open field or in a treed area.  You can run and change direction quickly having your dog try to catch you.  This game won’t last too long as your dog will ultimately be able to catch you but their tails will be wagging when they do.  Let them know they’ve won the game with lots of praise.

Hide and Seek isn’t just a game for kids.   You and your dog can play this too.  Have your dog sit and wait until you find a hiding spot; behind a door or chair.  Once you have found your spot say out loud, “Come Find Me” and they will begin searching high and low for you.  You can repeatedly say out loud, “Come Find Me” if they need a little help.  They will follow your voice to find you.  This is another great training tool for puppies; they will learn to find you when you call to them.   You can also replace yourself with a ball, toy or a treat and have them “Go Find It”.

 Playing Catch is one of the most played games of all but it’s a good one.  Not all dogs like to play catch but some dogs just love it.

There are many other types of games and activities you can do with your dog; tug of war, soccer, swimming, playing with the water hose, or simply walking through the woods. You may even develop a new game of your own that the two of you can play together.   Activities and exercise is a great way to keep your dogs healthy, fit and their minds active and content.



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