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June 29, 2011

June, Henry and I slept out under the stars in our back yard last night to be closer to the earth and to watch a display of stars far more spectacular than any human made fireworks exploding in the sky on the Fourth of July. Animals have a hard time on this day. The deafening noise from fireworks sends them into a panic state and many animals “run for their lives” in fear. Some end up getting hit by cars, some end up at the humane society, some are lost for life. It is essential for humankind to be “kind humans” and consider what they may experience. If they are left in the house for the day or evening it is good to leave the television set on or the stereo with calming music and plenty of food and water. While the kaleidoscope of colors may dazzle our human senses, will there ever come a time when a fireworks display doesn’t have to sound like bombs going off? Or where the infinite array of stars in the night sky and a grateful heart for our independence may be celebration enough?






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