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July 09, 2017

Finding The Perfect Pet Sitters

So nice to meet you. I think we’re going to get a long just fine!

Finding the Perfect Pet Sitters

Pet Matchmaking: Looking for the Perfect Pet Sitter

While it would be dreamy to have a matchmaker set you up with the perfect pet sitter, it’s important to know how to find one yourself.  There are hundreds of dog sitters available at; however, picking the right one can be daunting.  Even if you already have ideas for potential sitters near you, here are a few recommendations for the  do’s and don’ts in choosing your match:

Do: Have your pets meet potential sitters.  Even if your pets are picky, you will know a good pet sitter when you see how they react and interact with your pets.

Don’t: Expect your pets will magically be in love with the same people you are.  Your pets need time to get to know new people and build their own relationship.  Your favorite people may or may not be your pet’s favorite sitters.

Do: Make friends with other pet owners.  If your dogs are friends from the dog park, get the owner’s number. This could be one way to meet the right pet sitter.  

Don’t: Expect your friends and family to be interested.  Make it easy on yourself, and get online. Search the website for hundred of options. Every sitter online has completed a background check and many have been rated by other pet owners for their work.

Do: Ask possible pet sitters their expectations for pay.  Your sitter may already have a rate for walks and overnights. If not, discuss what would be fair for what you are requesting.

Don’t: Ask for favors. If you want your furry friends to be happy, your sitter deserves reimbursement for the work it takes to care for them.

Do: Plan ahead. Finding the right sitter can take some time.  You may want to schedule time alone for your possible sitter and pets to get acquainted without you to make sure an overnight date would go well.  Teach your sitters how to best care for your pets, so they can continue the training you’ve implemented.

Don’t: Ask the neighbor kid to come over last minute to watch your pets.  Even if your pets know this person, they can be upset if your sitter doesn’t know what to do.   

If you want to find a pet sitter who is a match and willing to be your go-to sitter, prepare your pets, sitter, and yourself for a successful first date!

Finding The Perfect Pet SittersAuthor byline: Written by Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest, community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.




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