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April 12, 2013

toxic fertilizers


When it comes to fertilizers toxic to pets I have a sad story to share that may be a learning lesson for you and save your pet from a nasty and potentially life threatening situation.  A friend of mine lost his beloved golden retriever, “Barry”,  when Barry ingested fertilizers toxic to pets while trees were being planted in his back yard. It was the most tragic event of my friend’s life to witness the agonizing pain Barry suffered before he took his last breath. They were best friends and the guilt my friend felt was unimaginable. Had he more been more aware of  the fertilizers he was using  and whether or not Barry might get into them this would not have happened. Use Organic, non-toxic, animal friendly soil nutrients. We want your pets to enjoy the garden too!
Spring has sprung, the grass is risen, and we are planting our gardens. There are common potentially harmful dangers for pets that reside in many yards and gardens. 

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