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July 05, 2016

Dogs and summer heat

Dogs And Summer Heat

Summer Safety Tips

The joys of Summer have officially arrived and it is time to get outdoors and breathe! Your furry friends are just as excited as you are to frolic in the meadows, run down the beaches, and play with their mates. But before you open the hatches and let them run free, here are a few friendly summer tips to keep in mind:

Seasonal Allergies: A nice deep breath does us all good; however, remember dogs are just as susceptible to those pesky allergens and pollens floating around as we are. Just like humans, if your dog shows signs of itchy skin and watery eyes, it may be due to ragweed, grasses, pollens, molds and trees. A healthy immune system high in Omega-3, is key to fighting off illness. Consistent bathing and grooming will also keep your pet’s skin and coat clean of any debris and pesky critters. You can find some great over-the-counter balms and supplements but if the signs of inflammation or discomfort become noticeable, it may be necessary to make a trip to your local vet to address the issue.

Cookouts and Family Gatherings:Dogs love a good cookout! They get tosneak around, receiving love from everyone, and picking up a few scraps of chicken and other goodies along the way. But be aware, whether you are in your own backyard or visiting your neighbors, fatty and unusual ‘people food’ can upset those tummies or cause more serious issues. Discarded meat bones are dangerous and sometimes your friend’s dogs may have health issues you aren’t aware of. So before you slip your dog or someone else’s anything from the grill, be sure it’s safe!

Sharing the Love:Just like humans, dogs can also pass along harmful things to us without knowing. Your dog’s coat and paws are like magnets to dust, oils, and chemicals. If you are someone, for instance, who is allergic to poison ivy, or other plants, be sure to wipe down your pups after their hike through the woods, as without knowing, they may transmit those allergens or reactions to you!

Fido’s Freedom:In the summer, we are more relaxed about leaving doors and windows open to let the sun shine in. Kids running in and out to play and guest coming over unexpectedly are a common part of the routine, which makes it even more important to keep your eye on your furry friends. It is so easy for them to dash out without anyone noticing- they want to play too! – but be sure they are tagged and microchipped, so no one goes missing. Fenced in yards are great but those gates can also be inviting if left unlatched or ajar; be sure your family and friends know the rules when it comes to your fur babies.

Hot Feet and Cool Waters:One of thebest parts of enjoying the Summer sun is swimming! Your pups like to take a dip too but remember those tiny puppy feet get just as hot as ours do when we are running across blacktop to get to the cool waters! The sun can be scorching on dark surfaces and even sand can absorb those rays, so be sure to protect those paws and stick to the grass or give them a piggy back. It is also important to carry lots of water and let them cool themselves down in the shade when they get overheated.

Unwelcome Visitors:Dogs are curious creatures. They love to explore the outdoors, which includes all those critters creeping around their turf. Make sure your pet is protected, especially if you live in areas where mosquitos come out to play or snakes slither around. Get them on a preventative for ticks and fleas or investigate some of the natural alternatives on the market and be sure to ask your holistic vet for recommendations. It is also a good idea to have an emergency vet humber plugged into your phone, just in case your dog gets bitten or stung!

Dogs And Summer Heat

My dog Ryder loving a sunset walk.


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