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December 14, 2014

My Chair Deer

My Chai Deer


As the holidays approach each year, I often remember sitting under the tree with the many beloved pets that are no longer with us. This year I decided, instead of feeling the loss, I would enjoy the memories and include them in the celebrations by creating ornaments in their honor to hang on the tree.

Here are some ideas for how to remember your loved ones this season:

Find old photographs and frame them: Create an area just for your pets- throw in some garland, candles and framed images of days gone by, as well as images of the here and now.

Name your dishes after them: We all love to come up with new recipes during the holidays! So why not create something you know your baby would have loved and name it after them? (Maybe I’ll make June’s Jam and Biscuits on Christmas morning).

Give their image as a gift: Find an old photo of them with your kids or paint a picture of them and wrap it up under the tree. You may get a few tears on Christmas morning but it makes a great piece of art for them to hang in their own homes or dorm-rooms.

If you are a singer/songwriter: Come up with an ode to your favorite family pets. Make it funny with anecdotes about your most cherished memories, so you can all reminisce!

Make ornaments for the tree: I like to use a rawhide bone, Xeroxed photos, and some mod podge and go to town. The perfect time to get creative.

Make a photo candle: Use decal paper and some wax candles to illuminate your pup.

Write a Story: Keep the blues at bay by writing it down. Use a journal, blog, or notebook to jot down your thoughts. Some of the best children’s books were inspired by a well-loved, departed furry friend.

Explore the web: Pinterest is full of creative ideas and `how-tos’ for even the most amateur of artists.

Choose one or two projects and bring your family’s memories to the forefront this Christmas. Make the most of your shared experiences with your new family members, as well as those watching from doggie heaven. This is a great time of year to purge old memories in a happy, healthy way!

Ryder and I getting ready for the holidays!

Ryder and I getting ready for the holidays!


LaVerne and I up close and personal


My snuggle buddy


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