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April 26, 2013

Dog separation anxietyDOG SEPARATION ANXIETY?

Our good friend  “Bob” can’t stand being away from his mom. He suffers from dog separation anxiety. The minute she leaves the house Bob starts barking and she’s actually spied on him through the window to see what he does when she is gone.What does he do? Bob barks and barks, he runs around the house panicked, anxious and unhappy. This makes his mom so unhappy because she loves and adores Bob and she doesn’t like to see him this way when she is not with him.

But she can’t take Bob to EVERY meeting she has! She can’t always take Bob in the car whenever she leaves. As the weather gets hotter she knows it’s absolutely NOT a good idea to leave Bob in the car . It’s too dang hot!

What can she do about this? While WiggleLess is fantastic back support, it also has an added benefit of calming us dogs. We dogs feel much more relaxed when we wear a WiggleLess. We feel “swaddled” like a baby.

Us dogs needs to trust you guys are coming back when you leave! ALWAYS tell us whenever you leave the house, “You guys stay and watch the house! I’ll be right back!” It gives us a purpose, and the words, “I’ll be right back!” settles us immediately.

Just make sure you DO come back, dang it!  Never leave us without the care or supervision of a reliable pet sitter or friend of ours  if you are gone for even ONE night. We don’t like being left alone ! We just don’t like it! Please understand!

Does your dog have separation anxiety?

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