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March 03, 2014

And the Oscar goes to....

And the Oscar goes to….


It seemed fitting to write a blog about dog movies since this is the season of Award Shows and recognizing the previous year in film and cinema.  So we decided to explore dog movies and why we love them as well as some of our favorites.

So why do so many people love dog movies?

It’s simple.  People who love dogs love everything to do with dogs.

Movies about dogs and stories with dogs as the main characters are usually written with a sense of compassion, adventure, silliness or just plain fun.   Disney has been one of the main producers of films with dogs as the main characters.

We’ve made a list of some of the more popular dog movies of all times and some of our favorites.

Turner & Hooch – A story about a detective and his star witness to a murder being a large French Mastiff.  Who could forget the scenes where Hooch makes himself at home at the detective’s house?

Marmaduke– A beloved story about a family who moves to a new city with their oversized Great Dane named Marmaduke.

Homeward Bound – A heart warming story of a few lost dogs and strays as they travel and venture to find their way back home.

Beethoven – A classic story of a traditional family who adopt a loving oversized St. Bernard named Beethoven.  This movie was so popular it has sequel movies as well.

Buddy – Imagine a dog that can play basketball.  This movie is a family favorite of a Golden Labrador making is way as a superstar sports playing dog.

Marley and Me – This film won the hearts of millions of people and became a box office hit from the bestselling book about a young family and the life of their beloved family dog Marley.  Marley and Me grossed over 143 million at the theatres and earned the second spot for the highest box office sales for a dog movie.  Scooby Doo the all time classic and everyone’s favorite dog character holds the top spot for all time box office sales.

Now this list is small compared to the hundreds of movies that have been made about dogs and with dogs as main and supporting characters.  I’m sure everyone has a favorite of their own.

If you’re looking for one of those Disney Classics such as;The Lady & the Tramp, The Fox & The Hound, 101 Dalmations, Old Yeller or Oliver & Company you can find them and lots more at the Disney movie list website.

We could not write a blog about dogs movies without including two of the most well known and loved dogs of all time; Lassie and Benji.  These two dogs were a few of the founding dogs in show biz and will always be remembered as model dog actors.



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