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October 02, 2013

Dog Bite Prevention

Kids and dogs

We love our doggie and he loves us!


Dog Bite Prevention

Know this for yourself and also help your children know your dogs behavior and the signs they give you when they are in an uncomfortable situation. This may help prevent unnecessary dog bites. Dogs who bite primarily do so out of fear. They cannot voice their concerns. When feeling attacked or in danger dogs may bite.

Some breeds are a little more comfortable with children than others.   A dog’s upbringing and training within a family unit with small children and early exposure to the noises of having children in the house will have a great impact on a dog’s interaction and patience with children as they get older.  Even though your dog is a part of the family and is considered one of the family members; it is still an animal and will always have the characteristics and behavior of an animal.  Knowing your dogs behavior and the signs in which they are giving you when they are in an uncomfortable situation or are not in the mood to be played with or touched may help to prevent your dog from biting.

Many dogs bite when their warnings go unnoticed.  When a dog barks it is warning, other signs such as curling of the lip, the mouth being closed, tail not wagging or a particular stance are just some of the signs that a dog is warning that they are uncomfortable with the situation and are on guard.  It is the responsibility of the owner to get to know their dog and its behaviour and to learn and watch for these warning signs.

Small children cannot be expected to understand when a dog is not interested in being played with or being hugged.  Parents and the pet owners must be able to clearly understand the communication of their dog to avoid a dog biting a child. 

It is never a good idea to leave a child unattended with a family pet; one cannot predict the child’s or the dog’s behaviour and triggers that may result in your dog becoming defensive.  Supervision is a must to ensure the safety of your entire family. Be kind to your animals. They deserve the best!  

For more information check out the website Dog Bite Prevention Through Education at :


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