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July 18, 2014

Dog Barking Control

Dog Barking Control


Dog barking control — when it gets really annoying

In an apartment building I once lived in, a new neighbor and her dog had recently moved into the apartment across the hall. This feisty little pup was a cute, female Jack Russell Terrier.

When at once my sweet snow white schnauzer, Jack, met him, they could barely stay away from each other. Every time my neighbor and I bumped into each other outside, our two pups went crazy wanting to play and sniff—tugging on their leashes, barking, and dancing around on their hind legs until their noses finally touched, only to get so overly excited that we needed to pull them away from one another.

Shortly after the new dog moved in next door, I noticed my relatively quiet and mild mannered Jack became a real barker! He started hovering around the front door, just waiting until he heard the neighbor’s door open and he could sense his phantom girl friend scurry out.

Jack would LEAP at the door, bow down, scratch and bark wildly hoping to attract her attention. I never saw such behavior from my sweet cuddly lap dog, and it soon became annoying. I had to fix this quick, so I spoke to some experts about excessive barking.

Here are two tips I found very useful when it comes to dog barking control (for example, when there is no real danger and it’s really annoying).

Two Tips for Dog Barking Control — when it gets really annoying.

—First, take an empty soda can.  Fill it with about 10-20 pennies. Tape the top.  Now shake a few times when he displays that ‘dog barking annoyance bark’.  If that sound makes you cringe, believe me, it will irritate your dog even more.  After a little time, you will find that your pup really does stop the annoying barking.

—Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it within reach.  Turn the nozzle to ‘steady stream’ (the stream most like a water pistol).  When your dog barks, spray a squirt at the side of his nose/mouth area and make a sound that conveys what he is doing is bad.  These two tricks really work! Within a week, I had no more dog barking annoyance using both of these techniques in tandem.

I hope it works for you too!



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