Dog Back Pain Support


Our shelter dog, LAVERNE, is the new model for our NEW logo. She fits the bill well as she is a schnauzer/dachshund mix who is considered chondrodystrophic with a long back and shorter legs. Her WiggleLess® provides her with all the dog back support she needs on our daily hikes up in the mountains. Laverne is wiry, fiery, and sweet as can be. She is loyal and trustworthy and she feels only trust for US! Her kisses are soft like whispers and she can’t get enough of them. She loves laps and she loves love! I don’t think she ever knew that so much love existed. She came from a hard life before finding us. We are excited about our growing WiggleLess® family. We want to share all GOOD news on our website and FACEBOOK pages. We are always striving to do our best and we know WiggleLess® dog back support brace is one step in that direction!