Dachshund IVDD

Dachshund IVDD is a fairly common diagnosis. Studies reveal one in five dogs in America are diagnosed with IVDD.

“Dash” the handsome dachshund was rescued from inside a freezing cold empty barn in Northern Idaho, near Canada. Emaciated and starving, his tiny body was trying to stay warm in a pile of hay when he was found. No one knew if he would live. …But he did! And now? He is thriving and living the most amazing life in the world. He gets to sit on his Dad’s lap and be petted and admired all day. He goes to the beach every day and chases seagulls, he takes walks on thick green grass in the park, he plays with the poodle next door.What fun! Dash is a little shy at first but then, WATCH OUT…nothing but kisses and love. He is wearing a size Small WiggleLess® to give him the support he sometimes needs to keep up with all the love!


“Dash” and his new Dad. Can you feel the LOVE?