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June 04, 2015

Dachshund Festival

My favorite day in the year is WIENERFEST!

Dachshund Festival — WIENERFEST

June is national pet adoption month. We here at WiggleLess love dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes, but we have always had a special fondness for Dachshunds. After all, my two doxies, Henry and June, are the reason WiggleLess exists today.

Did you know that while Dachshunds are one of the most popular breeds in America, thousands of these sweet little pups do not have forever homes? So many Dachshunds go unloved every year, by being given away or given up on.

A friend of mine is determined to change all that. I wanted to dedicate this month’s blog to both pet adoptions and one of my very favorite breeds by highlighting my friend, Linda Collier, and her amazing work with WIENERFEST.

Linda is the executive director of WIENERFEST, Canada’s largest breed-specific event of its kind. Founded in 2000, WIENERFEST was created as an opportunity for Dachshund lovers to get together to learn and share in all things doxie.

“We try to create a family experience where people can enjoy the day by shopping at our outdoor crafters market, 120 vendors, and participating in the games and events that go on during the day,” Linda says.

With over 7,000 people having attended last year’s WIENERFEST, visitors are able to get educated on this special breed and learn more about ways to adopt or sponsor local Dachshunds, all while celebrating their special wiener dogs with fellow Dachshund enthusiasts.

Like me, Linda’s love for Dachshunds began at a young age. “My first memories are of a standard doxie,” Linda remembers. “My dad was a painter and I went with him when he was working on his jobs. We were at one of his jobs and there was a beautiful red doxie. I played with him every day.”

Linda’s love for Dachshunds continued over the years, with furry friends surrounding, supporting, and loving her through the good times—and the bad.

“I found my dog Blue in December,” remembers Linda. “I had just lost my mom in September and was at a very low point in my life. It was a great loss for me. Finding Blue gave me a purpose and helped my heart heal.”

Blue was found in a garbage dumpster. A pet store that was going out of business and instead of trying to find homes for the pets, the unclaimed pets were instead tossed into the garbage.  Blue was one of the few that survived. It just so happened, Linda was walking by the dumpster and heard his painful, desperate whimpering. The rest is history.

Thankfully, Blue is alive and doing well and is one of the reasons why WIENERFEST was created—to raise funds and awareness towards no pet being intentionally hurt, harmed, endangered or killed.

Linda also uses WIENERFEST as an opportunity to give back to a breed that has given so much life, love, and happiness to her. Those who attended in the past will agree.

“WIENERFEST is like homecoming. Each year the same people come back year after year and each year we get new friends.”

I had the priviledge of attending  WIENERFEST last summer and only wish I could go again this summer because I know it’s going to be an incredible day!!

This year’s Wiener Fest will take place in Embro, Ontario on June 20.

Interested in attending or donating?

Click here to learn more about Wiener Fest.


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