Dachshund Back Pain Relief


Dexter Gets Back Pain Relief

“Dexter” needed back pain relief in a big way. He was left abandoned in a park wandering around, skinny, and scared until someone scooped him up and offered him a new life.  He has gained wisdom through his experiences and now you have to EARN his trust—GOOD THING! Dexter is now happy and healthy with his mama and loves being the alpha dog! He goes to work every day overseeing the behind the scenes of a working orange orchard. He  has a favorite chair in the shade  he likes snuggle up in when he gets tired of being in charge. He gets petted, held, loved and cooed upon every single day—can you imagine?  Dexter is quite the Don Juan—he loves to give kisses and steal hearts! He wears a WiggleLess® for back support on those days when, try as you might, you just can’t trust a thing! (Ever had one of those)?