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October 29, 2018

10 Essential Things You Need When Camping With Your Dog

Camping with your dog can be a lot of fun! Having your furry companion around makes the trip less lonely, but it also means bringing along more gear, which could mean a too-heavy backpack. If you’re planning to bring along your pet dog on a camping trip, here are the most essential items you need to pack.

Camping With Your Dog — checklist items:

1. Drinking water

There’s no way to tell how thirsty your pet will get during your trip, so it’s best not to risk your own water supply and bring some especially for your dog. Staying hydrating is very important especially if you’re traveling in hot weather.

2. Food, treats, and long-lasting treats

It’s a good idea to bring double the amount of food that your pet eats in a day. Since you’ll both be moving more during this trip, your pet will likely get hungrier than normal. Of course, treats are there for snacks and as a reward for behaving, while long-lasting chews will keep your pet from gnawing on your camping gear or questionable things in your campsite!

3. Food and water bowls

You can use a portable water dispenser or twin collapsible bowls to save on space. It’ll also allow you to bring more than one water bowl so you can have water spread around your camp area for your dog.

4. Leash, harness, and tie-out stake

Parks usually don’t allow pets that are off their leash. It can get quite dangerous especially if there are bears in the area. We recommend having a leash and harness combo to make it easier for you to restrain your pet without strangling them. A tie-out stake will also give your pet freedom to roam around your immediate camp area without getting lost or bothering other campers.

5. Dog first aid kit

You probably have your own first aid kit for camping trips, so you can simply double some supplies for your pet. There are many pre-made pet first aid kits online as well, but you can put together your own, especially if your dog has special medications prescribed by his or her vet.

6. Collar with ID tag

In case your pet manages to break free from the tie-out stake or leash, people can return him or her to you using the contact info on the collar ID. We recommend attaching a small digital tracker that you can pair with an app on your phone.

7. Dog bed, sleeping bag, or tent

You can let your pet stay with you in your tent, but it’s more comfortable for both of you to have your own spaces. Dogs can also become nervous because of the new surroundings, so bringing something familiar like his dog bed can settle his nerves.

8. Collar light and bell 

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Trails could get dark when passing by thick forests. You could also end up hiking after sunset. A lighted pet collar will allow you to keep track of your buddy no matter what the lighting condition. In case you’re traveling in an area with bears, the bell will let the bears know that you’re approaching so they don’t get startled. Bear attacks are often due to startled bears.

9. Poop bags and towels

It’s common courtesy to other campers to keep the trails and site clean. You don’t want to step on the smelly stuff either, right? So make sure to do the same for others by bringing poop bags. Since your pet can also become sweaty after a hike, or you could pass by some water, the towels are there to dry your buddy.

10. Toys and clothes

t’s important to keep your pet warm especially if you travel during colder months. The toys will keep him entertained at night or when it’s raining to prevent him from getting fussy and trying to go out.


Camping can be the best bonding experience you’ll have with your pet. To have a smooth and worry-free time hiking with your dog, make sure to tick everything off of this dog camping checklist!

Author Bio: Lauren is the founder of CleverAdventurer, where she shares her knowledge, tips about hiking, camping, backpacking in the wild. She is a young blogger who is very passionate about outdoor activities. She wishes to share her experience during the adventure with people who have the same passion.