Bulldog Back Problems

Bulldog back problems

Said feels relief in her WiggleLess!

Bulldog back problems are no fun to witness.

When you hear the word “chondrodystrophy” you mean a dog like Sadie. Can you guess why? Her Bulldog heritage comes with quite a build—and it can sometimes cause horrific back problems. She needs all the back support she can get! WiggleLess® provides her with comfortable, firm, back support when she needs it most.

Affected Animals:  Dogs are most often affected; rarely cats may develop a similar disease process. Male dogs are more likely to have disk degeneration than females. Factors that increase the risk of disk degeneration include genetic predisposition and conformation, excessive weight, and lack of muscular fitness. Breeds genetically predisposed to degenerative disk disease include those affected with chondrodystrophy, or abnormal cartilage development. Affected breeds include dachshunds, beagles, cocker spaniels, Pekingese, French bull dogs, basset hounds, Welsh corgis, small poodles and other mixed-chondrodystrophoid breeds. Large, older dogs without chondrodystrophy may also develop degenerative disk disease.