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October 25, 2014

Brushing Dogs Teeth

IMG_6419_Snapseed1Ok, so here is the one thing I am not super fond of doing because LaVerne is not super fond of receiving – brushing those pearly whites!  I don’t do as often as I should (every day) but I try to every one or two weeks at most.  Keepingher teeth clean, not only saves a bunch of money at the doggie dentist (which can cost approx. $500 for a professional cleaning!), but also prevents infections caused by bacteria that can travel intoher blood stream and affecther heart, kidneys and liver, causing major health problems and even death! 

When it comes to the actual brushing, I have found that the more consistent I am the moreLaVerne has gotten used to regular brushings.  Now, I have tried some fancy brushes and finger rubber brushes, but I have found that using a clean washcloth actually works best on my dogs.  

The washcloth technique seems to be a little gentler on their small teeth than brushes, and for some reasonLaVerne doesn’t find it as scary!I also know it feels good for her to have her teeth and gums massaged in this way. Who wouldn’t for heaven sake?

I use ORGANIC, COLD PRESSED, RAW SESAME SEED OIL from (it’s ingestible and good for pulling toxins from the teeth, gums, and body. I swish some in my own mouth as well (called OIL PULLING). There are also Pet Dental pet toothpastes available. I always let LaVerne lick a little of the doggie toothpaste or oil (never use human paste – fluoride is poisonous to dogs) off my finger before we start to gether used to it. Then I proceed by lifting upher lip. I put the washcloth around my index finger and gently rub in small circular motions.  Ifshe gets impatient (which mygirlie does!), I giveher a break for a few seconds and gently tellher how greatshe is doing. Then I start again. 

You can also giveher a tiny treat soshe knowsshe is getting rewarded forher good behavior. I would guess this is probably the one thing, as dog owners, we sometimes slack on.  However just remember, it’s not only important to have pearly whites and ‘fresh’ breath, it is so important to theoverall health and wellbeing of your dog!!

Brushing Dogs teeth

I love getting a great teeth and gum massage

 Brushing Dogs TeethBrushing Dogs TeethHappy girl, clean teeth and gums!


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