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May 13, 2013

snake bites and dogs

That snake got me good!


Snakebites and dog’s don’t mix!

snake bites and dogs

My lip hurts!

Foxtails and dog’s nose don’t mix!

My mom’s friend took me and Ryder  for a walk  the other day. My mom had to leave early in the morning and she couldn’t take us.  I don’t know what the heck I did but all is remember is going  into a full on sneeze attack, blood dripping from my nose. My lip was swollen and bleeding to so my mom’s friend immediately whisked me up and drove me to the vet. I needed to be sedated in order to get the foxtail out of my nose and clean up the snake bite on my lip. I have no recollection. It was full morning I tell you. My mom picked me up in the late afternoon and brought home antibiotics and anti-itching medicine from the doc. I  learned my lesson. It’s hot, dry, and perfect conditions for foxtails and snakes so I won’t go sniffing around in the dry grasses anymore. It’s no fun to get a foxtail…or a snake bite, let me tell you. No fun at all!


There was no way I could sneeze this one out!

It’s getting too hot too early now to walk on Shelf Road. Now my mom takes us on a leash for for a walk through shady lanes and smooth roads.



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