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July 31, 2017

5 Best Ways to Store Dog Food This Summer

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That huge bag of kibbles can be stored in a much better manner rather than simply lying around in the kitchen. I’m sure it’s just pushed somewhere in the corner. It’s either that or the bag is kept in your way causing you to trip over several times by now. So it’s time to know the five best ways to store dog food this summer.

We all take the time and effort to find out what is the best dog food. So why not learn how to store this dog food properly while also keeping the kibbles fresh.

5 Best Ways to Store Dog Food

#1 Use the plastic container creatively

Storing Dog Food

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Storing dog food in plastic containers is a traditional method, isn’t it? And do you know why? It’s because a container helps in keeping the kibbles well protected and fresh for a long time. But what you can do to make the plastic container look better? The answer is simple; cover it up.

Plastic paints are a great option, but they tend to become streaky sometimes. And that can make the container look just the opposite of what you intended it to be. But do you know what would work better? Adhesive paper.

But the process of covering odd-shaped containers with adhesive paper can be slightly complicated. At such times, the paper doesn’t stick properly.

So what you can do is get paw print stickers for the job. They look decorative and attractive enough while also providing complete coverage.

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#2 Repurpose your trash can

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A plastic or metal trash bin constitutes as an excellent makeshift container. You can use something like this to hide that large bag of pet food, especially when it doesn’t agree to fit inside anything else.

Repurposing your trash can is considered to be the easiest to execute out of the five best ways to store dog food this summer. All you have to do is ensure that the plastic or metal bin’s lid is tight. This way you know that your dog won’t be able to open it quickly.

But at such times, you need to ask yourself if your clever dog knows how to work her way with the door handle. If the answer is yes, then it’s better not to get a trash can with such a design.

And if she has a habit of knocking things over, you need a can that comes with a locking system. In such cases, you can easily lock the lid of the bin.

If you don’t like the idea of storing your dog’s food in a trash can, you can work on the physical appearance of the thing. Decorating it might help. This depends on where you would be placing the can.

Are you going to keep it in the center of the room? You can paint the bin to match the walls of that particular room. Or instead, opt for a contrasting, bright color to make it look attractive.

But whatever you do, please ensure that you store the dog food inside your house. Placing it in a cool, dry environment is necessary. The best way to store dry food is in a cupboard or pantry. Avoid keeping the bag of large or medium kibbles in the garage or in a place that experiences extreme temperature changes.

Did you also know that you’re supposed to let the food remain in its original packaging during storage? You don’t empty out the food in the trash can container. Instead, place the large bag inside it.

Do you know what such a practice does? It provides the food with double protection. So don’t just dump the kibbles into the bin, rather keep the original package inside it.

#3 Make use of old furniture

After going through this practical method, you won’t need other ways to store dog food. A piece of furniture works as a great hiding place. You can get your hands on old, used furniture at a garage sale or store. Or maybe you have something lying around in your home. A small dresser or old cabinet will fit the bill.

If the furniture is too old or slightly damaged, then you can carry out minor repair work. Feel free to paint it if you like. This adds a beautiful color to the piece of used furniture.

Once you finish working on the design of the cabinet or dresser, the next step is to find containers that would fit into them easily. You place the dog food in these containers and then hide the containers inside the furniture.

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#4 Upcycle cans and tins

Storing Dog Food

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Do you have any large tins and cans stacked somewhere in your home? If yes, then it’s time to use them. Every list of the top best ways to store dog food will tell you to use metal containers if you don’t like using plastic ones.

Decorating metal tins and cans is also an easy job. You can apply a coat of fresh paint or cover it up with a bright-colored sticker to jazz up the physical appearance. The options are endless.

But make sure that these tins and cans are large enough in size to fit the dog food package. A small container just won’t make the cut.

#5 Keep the food bag away

Do you have a large-sized wicker basket? If yes, then hiding the bag of kibbles inside it is an excellent idea. The basket should be sturdy enough to hold a large bag as well.

Placing the original dog food package inside a basket or even a grain bag offers enough protection to the kibbles. The goal is to keep the food away from your dog while also ensuring that it remains fresh for a long time. And that is what you get with this method.

I’m going to stress on the importance of storing dog food in a container before placing it inside anything. Once you remove the kibbles from its original packaging, you expose them to bugs and humidity. The bags that come with dog food contribute to keeping the contents dry and fresh. So it’s best not to empty out the food and dump into plastic containers.

Here’s a fun video of people trying out dog food for the first time:

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The ultimate goal is to keep the food fresh and dry at all times no matter where you place it. So before you store the kibbles, make sure that they don’t already smell bad. It’s always a good idea to inspect the food before storing it. Look for warning signs such as bugs, moisture, and mold.

So the content above highlights the five best ways to store dog food this summer. Many pet owners choose to go with traditional methods of storage. But in this article, I’ve tried to be more creative about the whole process. I hope you liked it!

Do you have any other effective methods in mind? Please don’t forget to list them all down in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading the article. I hope to see you again soon.

About the author:

Ruby Smith, the founder of PetSoFun, is an enthusiastic and passionate human being who loves to write about food, nutrition, and health guide for pets. Her interest in covering these types of topics pushed her to conduct tons of research about them. Pet lovers can find Ruby on Twitter @PetSoFun.



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