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March 28, 2019

Best Airlines To Book When Traveling With Pets

So you are off to your next adventure – only this time, your fur baby is tagging along! Exciting, is it not?

But traveling with pets is not the same as with another human being. Certain considerations must be taken prior to taking off.

The first consideration you have to put in mind is the airline you choose for your beloved pet. This is a very crucial decision you have to make as you will put your pet’s safety and well-being in its hands for the entire duration of the flight.

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Pet-friendly Airlines

One thing that you also have to consider is the cost as there are different pet air travel fees depending on the mode of travel and airline of choice.

Here are 10 best airlines to book when traveling with pets.

American Airlines

American Airlines tops the list because of its “cuddle class” which means that dogs and cats can now travel with their owners inside the cabin. This is available for short haul flights where pets will be inside a carrier and tucked under the seats.

That way, owners can personally tend to their pets needs while in flight. For long haul flights, they need to be checked in as cargo but no worries – they will be properly cared for during the flight.

Brachycephalic cats and dogs and any “mix” are not allowed to fly with American Airlines due to breathing problems that may arise while at a high altitude. Pets below 8 weeks are also not allowed.

Price may range from $125 - $200 depending on the destination and mode of travel. This is a good deal considering the good reviews it has been receiving from pet owners.

Jetblue Airlines

JetBlue’s unique loyalty program is a true come-on for pet owners who frequently travel with their pets. The airline offers perks such as carrier bags, a list of tips for managing fur babies while mid-air, and 300 TrueBlue points with each flight!

Jetblue Airline only accepts small dogs and cats as pets and cargo option is not available as of yet. Pets heading to Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, The Cayman Islands, and Trinidad and Tobago are also not allowed.

Pet fee for each way is at $125. This is already a pretty good deal considering the perks you will be getting.

Hawaiian Airlines

Do you have a household bird for a pet? Then Hawaiian Airlines might be a good fit for you.

Dogs, cats, and household birds are allowed to fly inside the cabin with their owners so long as they are placed inside a carrier and placed under the seats. Trained service animals not meeting the standards mentioned are also allowed to stay inside the cabin but would be evaluated if they can properly behave all throughout the flight.

Cargo is also an option so long as they are not over 70 lbs. and if the temperature is not too extreme. There is a location restriction on Hawaiian Airlines flights to/from JFK airport. Price range is between $35 and $225.

Allegiant Airlines

Most airlines would count one pet per carrier and flying with multiple pets can get very costly this way. With Allegiant Airlines, you can fly with two pets for the price of one!

You just have to make sure that they can comfortably fit inside one carrier. Space allowed for carriers is twice the size usually provided by other airlines so you can definitely bring a big one!

Allegiant airline is also the only airline that allows minors to accompany pets while traveling. However, flights are only available between adjacent areas including Puerto Rico and San Juan. Pet fee starts at $100 per flight.

Southwest Airlines

 Southwest Airlines ranks as the second least expensive when it comes to pet fee. This is a good option for those traveling with pets but has a limited budget to spend.

At $95 per pet, you can finally have that much-needed vacation with your furry friend!

Pets are only allowed inside the cabin and if you are unsure what size of carrier to get, you can avail of its branded carrier that can surely fit any Southwest seat! Flights with pets are only limited within the U.S. and not internationally.

Frontier Airlines

 Frontier Airlines offers the most affordable pet fee there is! At $75 per pet, you can now travel with your pet and explore other places. A wide variety of pets are welcome: dogs, cats, household birds, hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

This is however limited only to flights to/from Dominican Republic, Mexico, and all domestic flight.

Westjet Airlines

Small pets are welcome on board the Westjet Airlines as well as large service or emotional support animals. Large pets, in general, can be transported as checked-in baggage so they can still travel with you.

This is actually a good pick if you have large dogs as the rates are affordable. Price range is only $75 to $89 for checked-in pets while in cabin fees are ranging from $50 to $59.

Alaska Airlines

Flying with pets can be stressful for both the pet and the owner. Alaska Airlines understands the anxiety you must be dealing with.

That is why it makes an extra effort in letting you know that your pet was safely placed inside the cargo hold. This way, you can have peace of mind that you will definitely see your pet after you land!

It is also a great option for uncommon pets such as hamsters, ferrets, household birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, tropical fish, and even non-poisonous reptiles! You will be spending the same amount for in-cabin pet fare and cargo check-in. No need to spend extra bucks for those extra pounds!

Lufthansa Airlines

Most airlines simply do not allow international flights. Lufthansa, however, specializes in these kinds of flight. You can now take your fur baby with you on your trip from the US to Europe or vice versa.

You have to ensure that your pet is old enough to travel, which by Lufthansa’s standard is at least four months old.

If you will be away for too long and you have more than one pet, you can take two at $100 each and between $200-$400 for larger breeds.

Virgin Airlines

Virgin Airlines allows cats and dogs to travel at $100 each for in-cabin pet accommodation. It only allows pets that are over 8 weeks old and would require a health certificate proving the animal’s age.

Now that we have explored the go-to airlines for pet travel, we are now going to list down airlines to avoid and the reasons.

Airlines NOT Suitable for Pet Travels

United Airlines

United Airlines has gained a negative reputation among pet owners for untoward incidents that happened on-board.

This airline saw the most in-flight deaths at nine incidents out of 24 reported in a year. It is also listed as the airline with most pet injuries listed at 23 instances.

This probably has something to do with the airline allowing brachycephalic dog breeds to fly inside the cargo. These dogs have flat faces and therefore have a higher tendency to develop respiratory issues in


If your dog is of the brachycephalic breed, United Airlines is the only option for air transport.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has the second most number of animals not making it (five). It allows uncommon pets such as amphibians, reptiles, and fish as cargo. Pets, in fact, are not allowed as checked baggage.

Wow Air

Wow Airlines is well known for its affordable rates, especially to Iceland. But if you plan to see the Northern Lights with your pet, this is not the airline for you.

Wow Airlines do not allow pets on their flights unless it is an emotional support dog. You will have to leave your poor pup behind!