February 28, 2018

One of the hallmarks of a true pet owner is their dedication to providing only the best for their canine friend. And when it comes to nutrition, nothing really beats organic dog food. Here we share some of the amazing benefits that come with going organic for your pets:

  • Reduces skin problems and allergies

Organic dog food contains ingredients that are sourced from naturally-farmed and cultivated produce using techniques of production that do not require the use of chemicals. For instance, dog foods that contain organically-grown chicken are those that source their chicken meats from free-range chickens, able to roam freely and eat natural food. The same is true with salmon caught in the wild. These are free from chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, and other substances that are often used in mass-cultivation of pond-grown salmon. Fruits and vegetables, as well as root crops that were never laced with pesticides, insecticides, or even man-made fertilizers, are also recognized as organic. 

In a gist, organic foods do not contain ingredients that are grown, produced, or cultivated using techniques other than what is considered to be naturally-occurring. It is this absence of harmful chemicals that can help improve your dog’s skin and help reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of allergies.

  • They provide better nutrition for your pet 

Because there are no artificial chemicals found in the ingredients used in the formulation of these organic dog foods, they are naturally richer with nutrients. Synthetic chemicals have a knack for altering nutrients found in food. For example, while an organically-grown carrot will typically contain the same Vitamin A as that of a non-organically-grown carrot, the Vitamin A content of the former will be substantially higher than the latter. 

This can have a significant implication in the overall health of our pets. While it is true that organic dog foods cost more than conventional canine diets, the mere fact that you’re getting more nutrients for your pooch simply means fewer trips to the veterinary clinic because of nutrition-related canine problem.

  • Promotes better digestion 

Did you know that organic dog foods can also help promote better digestion? Since there are no artificial chemicals that can get in the way of efficient digestion and absorption, food particles are easily absorbed in the dog’s small intestines. There are no chemicals interfering with the normal processes involved in digestion. As such your pooch will feel a lot more satisfied with what it is eating.

  • Improves the immune system 

In human health, healthcare professionals say that organic foods can help improve the immune system. Veterinarians, for their part, are saying the same thing about organic dog food. Again, the key here is in the use of high-quality, chemical-free ingredients that help provide dogs with all the right nutrients in the right amounts to synthesize the different cells of the immune system. This translates to fewer illnesses and more efficient management of infections should there ever be one.

  • Enhances your dog’s quality of life 

High-quality organic dog foods provide exceptional nutrition for better health. This, in turn, helps your pooch to do the things it loves to do. Since there is a fewer incidence of canine disorders coupled with a general improvement in your dog’s immune system, it will be able to lead a happier, longer, and more fruitful life.

At first glance, organic dog foods may look very expensive. But if you’re going to look at all these benefits they all translate to better health. And as you may already know better health means fewer trips to your veterinarian, lesser treatments, and a much better life your pooch.

Author Bio: Olivia Williams is mum of 2 and a true animal lover with 3 dogs, 2 cats and a parrot called Charlie. Heading up the content for MyPetNeedsThat.com amongst a busy family schedule, her goal is to try help people all around the world become better pet owners.