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March 17, 2014

Bathing Your Dog

I don’t mind baths. My mom gives me a great massage too!

Bathing your dog

Bathing your dog can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.  They either love it or hide from it.

How often you bath your dog depends on their breed and their daily activities.  Some breeds like Golden Retrievers and other water sporting type dogs have a special coat that helps them repel water so they are not always in need of a bath, however, their will be times that big mud puddles become a play ground and the need for a bath is necessary.

Short hair breeds with smoother coats don’t always require regular bathing either but dogs like Bassett Hounds with oily coats are opposite.  Oily haired breeds require regular bathing to control the excess oils and removing the smell that sometimes comes with an oily coat.

Brushing your dog is a great way to remove dead hair and keeps the natural oils on their skin and maintaining a healthy coat.   Brushing is also a more suitable option over bathing when it comes to breeds that have double coats and heavy fur for northern climates.

Bathing time can be fun for both of you and it’s best to get in the routine of this when the dog is young.  Smaller dogs are much easier to bath as you can use portable tubs or even sinks but larger breeds sometimes can be challenging.  Washing your dog outside is an option if it is warm and you have a water source that isn’t frigid and cold.

There are so many dog shampoos and conditioners available but some may contain chemicals or ingredients that are irritants to your dog’s skin.  It is best to find a natural soap that will not irritate your dog’s skin.  You do not want to wash your dog too often as this can remove essential oils in their skin that keep their coat healthy.  It is a good idea to figure out a bathing routine that is good for your dog’s breed and their coat.

Bathing reduces smell, excess oils and keeps your dogs coats free from parasites.  So make bath time a ritual that you can have fun with your dog and of course a treat for good behavior is always encouraged.



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