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August 14, 2012

Humans helping Animals helping Humans…

Animal Tribes is an on-line portal spotlighting animal-related causes.  Its audience includes pet owners, animal lovers and animal welfare supporters.

An animal tribe can be a non-profit organization with a welfare mission (rescue, sanctuary, etc.), a group who uses animals in a socio-beneficial endeavor (animal assisted therapy, guide dogs, etc.), humane organizations, animal behaviorists, or simply interesting people partnering with intriguing animals for a mutual cause.

The site goals are:

  • To share stories of people who work with animals and animals who work with people;
  • To educate the public of organizations’ missions and plights regarding animal welfare;
  • To connect patrons, donors, volunteers, gift-givers, and supporters to like-minded organizations and events in their area.

In addition, for each member animal tribe, the Animal Tribes site:

  • Markets each organization, drives traffic to each web site, raising exposure of each tribe through the social networking aspect of Animal Tribes, promoting donations and public participation in their respective communities
  • Promotes and supports events and fundraisers related to each organization

Animal Tribes | Animal Tribes


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