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October 01, 2018

Affordable New Puppy Starter Pack — 5 Essentials

by Jason Goldstein

Deciding to get a dog is a true joy and responsibility at the same time. While having a loyal companion at your side at all times can be extremely rewarding, your furry family member will require a lot of care and attention as well. Dogs offer unconditional love while you make sure that their lives are safe, long, and beautiful. So, if you thought about all the aspects of getting a dog and you’re determined to make this step, you must be ready then to welcome your puppy in the best way possible.

This doesn’t just mean to have an open heart and arms, but also to get yourself and the house ready for the new member. To make things easier for you, here is a list for an Affordable New Puppy Starter Pack — 5 essentials. This way, you will stay on budget and be ready to welcome your new small puppy 

A Pup Poo Pee Palace For Potty Training

What goes in must come out, so for the sake of your home, your puppy should learn where it can do its duty. Considering that puppies eat rather often and can barely control their bladder in their first months of life, you need a special place for potty training. You won’t be able to take it out as often as the puppy needs, so a Pup Poo Pee Palace is the ideal item to have when it has to go. The Pup Poo Pee Palace is equipped with everything you need to deal with both the liquids and solids in an easy, clean, and hustle-free manner. With the help of this item, patience, and a gentle approach, your puppy will be potty trained in no time.


A Bowl For Food And One For Water

The first thing you need to have in mind before bringing your puppy home is its bowls for water and food. These are probably the most important items you need to have at home prior to the arrival of your puppy. The product offer in this sector can be quite generous in pet stores, so make sure you get bowls that are of the right size for your puppy. Also, if possible, it would be recommended to get ceramic bowls, as they are the safest when it comes to the material from which they are made. Plastic and metallic bowls may contain dangerous chemicals that will pass into the dog’s food and water. If they have a non-slippery bottom, it’s even better, as your puppy won’t be able to push them around or knock them over.

A Leash And A Harness

Until your puppy learns to behave and listen to you, and even after, it is highly recommended to take it out of the house with a leash and harness. And we already have one in mind. Yes, you guessed it, it’s the Sporn Non-Pull Harness. A harness, in comparison with the traditional colar, helps distribute the pull of the leash evenly across the body, thus reducing your dog’s level of stress.

While you won’t be able to do much walking around until the puppy gets all the vaccines to strengthen its immunity, simply taking it to the vet will require these two items. What you need to remember about these two is that you don’t have to invest too much in them from the start. Your puppy will grow and will require a new harness at one point. So, buy some that are sufficiently good for the moment, having them around when the situation requires it. Also, while a collar may look fancier, a harness is gentler with the puppy, avoiding neck injury and discomfort created by the fact that it won’t know how to walk in a leash right from the start.

Special Cleaners That Remove Pet-Made Stains And Odors

Still, accidents can happen because puppies, pretty much like children, tend to forget that they need to go sometimes until it is too late. This is why you need to have effective cleaners and stain removes that will manage the odor and stain problem. The regular cleaning products you may find in supermarkets are not too great, as they are not made to deal with such issues. Thus, it is best to direct your attention toward the cleaners that are sold in pet shops only. They are made to be strong enough for the job, but safe for you and your pet.

An Adequate Playpen

It is not recommended to leave your puppy to roam around the entire house at first. Just think about the fact that there will be many potty-related accidents. Not to mention that it will chew everything it grabs, which can turn into a hazard. So, when not supervised or left at home alone, it is advisable to put the puppy inside a playpen. The playpen will limit the access of the puppy inside the house and make things safe for everyone until your puppy becomes a behaved and educated dog.


So, you really don’t need too many items to make sure that you’re ready to receive your puppy well at home. You just need to choose smart and know what the priorities are so that you won’t end up overspending. Hopefully, this 5 Essentials For An Affordable New Puppy Starter Pack will help you to stay within budget and allow you to be well-prepared.

Author: Jason Goldstein works as a Marketing Specialist for Premium Pups. He takes great pride in partnering with the best-certified breeders in Ohio to offer the highest quality, cutest puppies for adoption. He looks forward to sharing his love for pets with people through the agency. Anyone who knows him knows how much he loves his dog, who he rescued from a shelter a few years ago. He keeps thinking about getting him a playmate. With every litter of Pomsky puppies, he struggles with not taking one home!