Buster’s mom, (Beagle Mix)
“Buster is doing amazingly well. He wears the brace when he needs to go up steps or get on the couch. He’s so much more confident and he has no pain. And he looks fabulous to add!”

Beagle Back Brace

IMG_3860 IMG_3859


Abisha’s mom, 2nd testimonial (Dachshund)
“My sweet girl with her WiggleLess brace. She was in alot of pain until I put the brace on her. Now I have problems trying to get her to slow down. No more pain, and a very happy girl (and Momma). What a life changer! Thank You”

dachshund back brace


Miss Beauty’s mom (Spaniel mix)
“This is Miss Beauty in her brand new wiggleless! Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service and support. This is the first time she’s been out of her kennel and on the couch (with help, of course!!) in two weeks and she is in heaven! She still doesn’t have feeling in her back legs, but I am hoping the support of her new brace will aide in her recovery!

Dog Back Brace

Abisha’s mom (Dachshund)
“My sweet baby sporting her WiggleLess brace while she sleeps so peacefully. You would never guess that one week ago she was in so much pain she couldn’t even move. In less than 24 hours after wearing her brace she is back to her sweet mischevious self. Thank You for giving my baby her life back. She is such a sweet heart.”

Dachshund back brace

Tegan’s mom (Dachshund)
“Thank you so much for the wonderful product. Tegan was diagnosed in July with IVDD. He is an eight years old dachshund. I had been making sure he didn’t do any stair climbing and rough housing. Just this past week he had another bad episode where he was walking like he was drunk, and shuffling his back legs, one worse than the other. My vet wants to treat medically so he has been on medication which has helped. I happened to see this product on line and decided to purchase it for him. It came this week and I am so happy that he is able to move around now without shuffling and the arch in his back is almost gone. He is happy and playing. He has no problem wearing it. I have four other dachshunds and hopefully they won’t have to suffer the same disease, but if so I know I can always use this product for a better quality of life.”

dachshund back brace


Tadji’s mom (Afghan)
“The brace arrived in today’s mail and we tried it on. It fits pretty well. I left it a little loose so that Tadji can get used to wearing it. Already it helps his walking and ability to stand—he was beginning to show signs of paralysis. With some new medications, the acupuncture, and the brace, his vet is charting a course to regaining improved function, but it will take time. I gave her the info on the brace, as she has more clients who perhaps could use it. Sigh of relief. Best regards.”

Afghan Hound Brace

Max’s mom (Dachshund)
“It is seven weeks since Max had his back operation and I was told about your back brace by a fellow group member here in Australia. Max is getting used to wearing his new WiggleLess Dog Back Brace and is improving in leaps and bounds. Thank you for a wonderful product!”

Dachshund back brace

Bensen’s mom (Beagle Mix)
“This is Benson. He is our 6 1/2 year old Beagle mix. He has a history of ruptured disks (this is his 3rd episode), and this time he has temporarily lost movement in his back legs. As you can imagine we were scared to death to move him at all for fear of permanently paralyzing him. Thankfully, our vet had seen your WiggleLess Back Braces online and had me order one for him. It is still early in his recovery process, so he still doesn’t have movement in his back legs, but he is improving. Now that he has his new back brace, we can carry him outside for short periods of time, without the fear of hurting his back any worse. We spent an hour laying in the yard yesterday and you wouldn’t believe how his spirits were lifted. Your company is the only one that makes a back brace large enough for him. He is approximately 40 pounds and wears the large long. Thank you so much for providing a product for larger dogs. They injure their backs too! I will send more pics when he is able to stand on his own!
Beagle Back Brace

It feels so good to be outside!



Zaar’s mom (Dachshund)
“Just received Zaar-dog’s back brace. Instant improvement! Money well spent!”

Dachshund back brace


Piccalo’s mom (Shih Tzu blend)
“Hello, here is Piccolo in his back brace. He certainly doesn’t mind it at all. Piccolo suffers from terrible IVDD. I took him to the vet yesterday with his brace on. She said she isn’t normally a fan of dog braces but really really like this one. He has shown great improvement in his mobility since wearing the brace. I cannot thank you enough!!!”

Shih Tzu back brace


“Hello!  Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!  My Peke injured his back and was put on kennel rest.  After completing 1.5 weeks on rest, I wanted to start rehabilitating his hind leg movement and WiggleLess has proved invaluable!  Gone is his confusion at his hind legs’ inability to cooperate and he is back to his happy, active  self with about 95% of his movement restored!Thank you!  Love and respect animals!”

Pekingese back brace image 2_Snapseed (2)


Buddy’s mom (Cocker Spaniel)
“Wiggleless has been such a big help for Buddy after his back surgery. With the Wiggleless dog back brace he is having a speedy recovery. We’re so happy with his improvement thanks to Wiggleless!”

cocker spaniel back brace


Jasmine’s mom (Dachshund)
“Jasmine loves her WiggleLess brace! She walks around with such confidence and comfort. She had a ruptured disk and we opted for conservative therapy (meds and rest) instead of surgery. Five months later she has improved 100% and now wears her brace for added security. Thank you, WiggleLess!”

Dachshund Back Brace


Sadie’s mom (Cocker Spaniel)
“Sadie does not mind the WiggleLess brace at all, I told her how pretty she looked! She can go up and down the stairs, and jump up on the bed. It just keeps her a little less rambunctious. That is all we think we need to help her heal.It seems that every other week she goes off on a run like crazy zigzagging around— then the next day she is in pain. It is so hard to keep her quiet. We then have to give her prednisone and pain pills for a couple of days. I don’t like to give her all that medication. I hope this works. She is only two and a half. And she has such a good personally. She loves people, kids, and other animals. She is too young for this. I will keep you updated on how it is working. Thank you again!”

Cocker Spaniel Back Brace



Missy’s mom (Pug)
“Missy is nine years old and recently had open heart surgery. She will need surgery on her spine as well but we are trying to get 12 months between heart and spine surgeries. In the meantime she wears her brace to assist her walking and it is very successful. Love the results I get when I wear my back brace! Thanks, WiggleLess!”
pug back brace

I’m doing good in my WiggleLess!


Luke’s mom (Dachshund)
“Your back brace is amazing! During a loud storm Luke stopped shaking the moment I put it on him! Thank you so much.” Please read the review and see for yourself how Luke has been helped when wearing a WiggleLess.


Dachshund-Luke-Wearing-Wigg-400x225 dachshund back brace

Ella’s mom (Min Pin)
“Ella’s story as told by Stephanie, my daughter who lives in Geelong Australia—I got up to take Ella (Miniature Pinscher, MinPin) to do her business and her back legs didn’t work. She couldn’t walk and sat down wherever I placed her. It looked like she was paralyzed. I rushed her to our vet who told me that she might have a herniated disc which was putting pressure on her spinal cord and stopping the signals from reaching her legs. She did an X-ray and noticed two vertebrae that had a smaller gap between them than the others and suspected this was causing the paralysis. She said that Ella might need spinal surgery which would cost around $6000. However, the surgery would only correct the vertebrae that was causing the issue and it was possible that the same problem could occur further along her spine and more surgery would be required.

The vet sought a second opinion from the experts at the vet hospital who informed us that the scan was ‘inconclusive’ stating that the X-ray taken shows nothing that would be contributing to Ella’s lack of leg use. They said that it looked like a perfect spinal X-ray for a 10 year old dog with natural deterioration. No tumor, no bulging/herniated disc, no butterfly vertebrae. So, the next step was to give Ella 6 weeks of ‘cage rest’ which only allowed her to get up and move for 2 x 4 minutes session in a day to eat and go to the toilet. Considering that Ella is already the most sedentary dog on the planet, we thought a cage was overkill and have given her a box with her sleeping bag in it that she stays in all day and has the freedom to get up when she wishes. We are one week on from the initial scare and she has made a remarkable recovery. Her legs are working, not as well as they were, she still can’t run, but she can walk around, take herself to do her business, stand at her food bowl and follow me around. This all happened without any medication, however, the vet suggested we try Ella on anti-inflammatory pills to see if they improved her movement any further. She has been taking the medication for two days and is improving in leaps and bounds however, I am concerned that she may have a false sense of security because of it and we are still encouraging her to sit and rest. I noticed that when she does try to run a little bit her hind legs don’t follow directly behind her front legs, like she is running sideways like crab, this must be due to the deterioration of that part of the spine that caused the original paralysis.

I wanted to limit Ella’s spinal movement to prevent her from causing further injury so I started looking into doggy back braces and located a 100% vet approved supplier in the US, Wiggleless and they ship to Australia! But even better, my Dad lives in the US and was coming out to visit soon. So I asked my Dad to order the brace and sent him measurements for Ella as per the instruction video on the Wiggleless webite. It has been a stressful period of time but Dad came through and brought Ella’s Wiggleless brace with him when he arrived.

We put the Wiggleless brace on Ella as soon as we got home. After a few adjustments to compensate for the tapering of her body I could see it gave her great support. Ella was a little bit unsure at first then we took her for a walk and she took to the Wiggleless brace with confidence. I can tell that it has alleviated some of the pain because she runs along quite well now for longer distances and appears to be back to her younger self. I can see when she runs that the Wiggleless brace holds her hind legs more directly behind her front legs, there is still a slight bit of sideways movement but it is now well controlled is no where near as pronounced as before the brace!

Thanks Wiggleless you have extended Ella’s quality of life in her twilight years and brought much happiness and relief to the whole family!
Geelong, Australia

Comment from Dad re the Wiggleless Brace and Ella
This is a story with a happy ending thankfully! After Stephanie contacted me and told me about Ella’s condition and the Wiggleless brace I contacted Wiggleless via the online form on the website. A day later I got a call from Lisa the inventor of the Wiggleless brace and founder of the company. Lisa asked me about Ella, her breed of dog, shape of her body etc. We discussed Ella’s measurements, how she was on the border line between sizes, which size brace and accessory would be most suitable and how to fit the Wiggleless brace to accommodate Ella’s tapered body. It was a great conversation and I certainly appreciated the call, the concern, and the customer focus. I ended up deciding on the Wiggleless Small Reg, and also ordered the Wiggleless X-Strip a 4″ a velcro accessory which gives the brace some extra flexibility in fitting Ella’s tapered contour.

I ordered the Wiggleless brace and X-Strip directly from Lisa while we were talking on the phone. The brace arrived in three days, which was plenty of time before I flew to Australia! The Wiggless brace fitted perfectly and bore positive results immediately in the way that Ella moved! It was obvious to me that within a minute or so Ella was more energetic and happier I think the Wiggleless brace has alleviated much of her back pain. We could not be happier to bring quality of life back to Ella a much loved member of the family. Thanks Lisa and the Wiggleless team we really appreciate your product, service, and your care and concern.
Kind Regards,
Washington DC”

Min Pin back brace IMG_1154_Snapseed IMG_1152_Snapseed IMG_1158_Snapseed IMG_1149_Snapseed IMG_1147_Snapseed



Pandie’s mom (Shih Tzu)
“One of the most important things about IVDD and other back injury recovery is to keep the dog from moving around too much so the spine can heal. Most vets will prescribe complete bed or cage rest, but with a dog who isn’t crate trained and generally wants to be active, this wasn’t as simple of a task as it sounds. That’s when I found WiggleLess back braces and decided to give it a try. I could definitely see the benefits during Pandie’s recovery period. She immediately walked a little stronger and straighter. Most importantly, it kept her from doing any unwanted twisting or movements, and kept her from trying to jump on and off furniture. She also seemed generally more comfortable with it on, and she rested better. That last one could be from the “hugging” effect it gives, much like a compression shirt, but I’ll take that added bonus. Just like with the rear harness, if I notice any back pain or weakness in her legs flaring up, I put on the back brace to avoid exacerbating the injury, and it helps.”

Shih Tzu back brace



Roxy’s mom (Dachshund)
“Roxy feels comfortable in her Wiggleless and still wants to play fetch!”
dachshund back brace

I can still play fetch in my WiggleLess!


Harvey’s mom (Dachshund)
“WiggleLess dog back brace is easy fitting, well tolerated, allows all normal activity (yes, even “doing their business!”) —but it adds support and reminds them to take it easy. …just got back from a 1.5k walk with Harvey running beside us in his brace!”
dog back brace

Feeling real good in my WiggleLess dog back brace

dog back brace

I can still croon like always in my new brace

dog back brace

I am ready to go!

dog back brace

I can still do my personal business in this brace. No movements are obstructed!


Red Dog’s dad (Chow mix)
“Over the years, Red Dog has often had hot spots near the base of her tail.  Standard treatment has been application of topical spray and 24-7 wearing of a cone, usually for at least two weeks.  When Red Dog is wearing a cone, life is absolutely miserable for everybody in our household (Red Dog, her companion, Blue Dog, me, and my wife, Karen).  This is especially so when we all load up in our RV for a road trip (which we are about to do next week).With the alternative of using the WiggleLess Large Long, everybody is very happy and life is absolutely normal. Also, her current hot spot was dried out and beginning to scab. I have to think that the back brace made a difference (she could sometimes “cheat” on the cone, but not with this brace; also, maybe happy dogs heal quicker?)Thank you for your wonderful product.  I am sharing this information with my veterinarians (one of whom originally mentioned the existence of such devices and started me on the search that led to you).”
alternative dog cone

WiggleLess is a comfortable alternative to a dog cone. I can be normal and happy and let my hotspots heal!

alternative dog cone


Dulce’s mom(Lab Mix)
Dulce was found on the streets of Mexico; paralyzed, hungry, thirsty & alone. She now has a wonderful forever home, yet she still needs ongoing care. WiggleLess dog back brace is happy to be part of her healing journey by offering back stability and firm support. Dulce’s mom reports that it has definitely helped with “no twisting” and support. There are other issues being tended to as well with such a hard life on the streets.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 9.44.53 AM_Snapseed

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.25.52 AM




Dusty’s mom (Pekingese)
“Dusty was having recurring back issues and our veterinarian recommended your WiggleLess dog back brace to help stabilize his back and prevent further injury. He is responding very well and we are so happy he can be the dog he was meant to be. Thank you!”



Gray’s dad (Yorkie)
“Gray” is wearing his WiggleLess and he really does enjoy it. I have also seen improvement in his arched back after I took it off to wash it for him. Very good product, I am glad I made the purchase. Also, excellent customer service. I give your business 5 stars! Keep up the good work! ”





Milly’s’s mom (Yellow Lab)
“Help! All the way from Botswana! Milly sustained a spinal injury. We didn’t know what it was at the time, but we were home and she let out a heart wrenching cry, we ran out to see her back legs paralyzed, dragging herself. We picked her up and rushed her to the closest vet a 1 hour drive away. She inspected her, took an x-ray and confirmed it was a spinal injury. None of us can even begin to understand how it happened and we were heart broken. We left her in the vet’s capable care and in 24 hours her situation seemed to decline as she became very weak. We couldn’t even begin to come to terms with the thought of losing her. After many tears and 3 days we received a phone call to say she was recovering beautifully. We asked the vet if it’s IVDD, whilst Milly is only 3 years old she didn’t suspect that was the case, but after doing much reading it of course weighs on our mind.Today we picked up our beautiful girl and brought her home for what we know will be 4-6 weeks of housebound recovery. Her spine is curved from the injury as it’s still tight, as are her two back legs. Whilst she’s able to walk, she’s still extremely weak, although wagging her tail and smiling as she always does.The resources & veterinarian care available to us in Botswana are very limited, but we want the best for our beautiful girl and so we realized the need to get her some more assistance and that it why we were overjoyed to find your website! Thank you so much…she is responding so well to her WiggleLess!”


Cali’s’s mom (Chihuahua)
“Cali is five years old. She has all four legs but can only use three due to a broken back. She can sure get around better now in her Wiggleless and she was actually running in the yard! This has already made her more mobile and it’s only been one day! Thank you!!”






Dexter’s mom (Dachshund)
“Dexter is back to his ol’ alpha self again after a couple of damaged discs! Thank you, WiggleLess!”


FullSizeRender 2



Sadie’s dad (terrier mix)
“The brace is helping Sadie greatly!  She uses her rear legs to power up the slope.  And now she will take off at a real fast trot, almost a run!  She has really become accustomed to wearing her brace. I believe it is helping her condition.”


Beni’s mom (Pug)
“Please watch our WiggleLess Review from Croatia! Thank you, WiggleLess!”




Lulu’s mom (Chihuahua)
“My baby Lulu is doing so much better.. Thank you, WiggleLess!”



Cathy’s mom (Beagle)
“Cathy is our thirteen year old beagle and we love her to pieces. She’s deaf and has arthritis which can cause stress and anxiety. We bought her a WiggleLess to help her feel confident, calm and supported! So far, so good!”



Dill’s mom (Schnauzer)
“Dill has been happily tramping around the hills of Scotland and is almost like a puppy again! He is thirteen years old and it is less than three months since his back surgery!”



Babu’s mom (Dachshund)
“Babu ruptured his disc and became completely paralysed with no deep pain registering at all. So over the past 5 months he has had to learn to walk again. I think he has been ‘cheating’ by using his spine too much as his leg muscles were so wasted. The brace seems to stop him cheating. Babu was checked by our vet this morning in his brace and the vet thinks it’s ingenious! He took photos to show Babu’s surgeon.”





Nova’s mom (Dachshund)
“I just wanted to let you know that my Nova has been wearing his back brace faithfully for about a month now and he is doing much better. I cannot thank you enough for all your help. I never thought he would improve this well. I am also using the herbal supplements which I believe are helping also. Nova is finally starting to act like himself again although I am still restricting him from jumping and doing any stairs. He’s starting to run again and I am so happy for him! Thank you so much for inventing such a wonderful product.Renee”

Dachshund back brace

dachshund back brace


Fiona’s mom (Dachshund)
“My Doxie received her brace last week. As soon as we put it on her we could tell a big difference in the way she was standing and walking. Wish we had known about this brace years ago before her back surgery.”
Dachshund back brace

Feeling so much better in my WiggleLess

Dachshund back brace


Muscle’s mom (French Bulldog)
“Muscles hasn’t had a repeat back injury in the last 4 years. I give WiggleLess Dog Back brace all the credit!”

French Bull Dog back brace

Frenchie back brace


Trixie’s mom (Bichon Frise)
Trixie is seventeen years old and dealing with some back issues. “So far so good on the back brace! I do have to angle the velcro closure where her back is most curved as it does not fit her the same way it would a dog who does not have the roaching. I wasn’t expecting the brace to be a cure all and to put it on and she would begin walking as if nothing happened. I did get her out yesterday and it took her a couple of tries but she got her legs moving again. As you can see from the video below taken yesterday early evening, she does drag her back legs and her right one more than her left. The walking practice is so important. She must walk every day to keep those muscles working and to keep her brain remembering what to do. So I’m just using wiggleless for walking for now. She also wears it when I have her with me and I can carry her around and the brace offers support when being picked up. But when I’m not home we put her back in the soft brace. Thank you for making this much needed support product!
Bichon Frise back brace

The support feels good as I practice my walking!


Frankie’s mom (Westie)
Frankie has a genetic birth defect called Craniomandibular osteopathy (CMO or Lion Jaw) where she has two jaw bones or a thickened jaw bone that causes sever pain. Petting her face or eating caused excruciating pain for her. As a result she has to be on steroids. We give her steroids every morning. If its not nailed down she eats it! She has a puppy size head with a oversized adult body. She’s very fat and her back is bowing. I had a difficult time getting a photo of her back bowing (as she is puppy and won’t sit still for a minute) but I am sending pictures that show how over weight she is. I purchased the support due to my concern of her missing a step and falling down the stairs and breaking her back or permanently damaging her spine due to her weight. She is expected to grow out of the CMO by age 12-15 months. In November she will be 12 months old. We started her out at .05 ml daily of the steroid and currently she is down to .02ml we have tried twice to take her off it. Each time was unsuccessful. Once she is off the steroids our hope is she will lose the constant hunger and lose weight. In the meantime her back and bone structure is my main concern.
westie dog back brace

My back feels protected in a WiggleLess!


Dudley’s mom (Dachshund)
“The brace is amazing—our dog doesn’t mind it at all and it really helped with his recovery!”
Dachshund Back Brace

Chillin in my WiggleLess!

Li from DomaineDuChien(many dogs!)
“For all my dogs with a broken back I have found this beautiful harness. They have it now for a few weeks and they have it on during the day and walks. It keeps there back stable what will help them in the future to get less arthritis.And Lisa was so nice I order two and she had sent me 4 and also some herbs for the dogs to help them when there back hurts.And after a check from Dr. Eric Di Duca they did there job the dogs had less arthritis. Lisa, thank you so much!”

Dog Back Brace

Dog Back Brace

Dog Back Brace

Dog Back Brace

Dog Back Brace


Itchy’s mom (Dachshund)
“Hi my name is Chelise and I’m from Prince George British Columbia. I just recieved the wiggleless back brace today. This is a picture of my dog wearing it. His name is Itchy (named after the Dachshund from the movie All Dogs go to Heaven) and he is 3 years old. I just found out that he has IVDD and I’m hoping this will help him. Itchy also had a fractured vertebra and he has been on kennel rest since May so he could heal. I’m so glad to finally be able to let him out, I was so sad for him. He doesn’t mind wearing the brace at all, he even took a nap while wearing it. Thank You very much!”
Dachshund back brace

I feel secure and comfortable in my wiggleless!

Dachshund Back Brace

Dachshund Back Brace



Leila’s mom (Papillon)
“Lisa, thank you so much for the creation of the WiggleLess. It is helping my Papillon Leila whom was diagnosed with bulging disc. I can see that she walks much better and is more active since she started wearing her Wiggleless.I feel so blessed that she has a fighting chance to beat her situation with her back. Thanks again, I am very grateful!”
Papillon back brace

I feel so good in my WiggleLess!


Samatha’s mom (Weimaraner)
“We have a Weimaraner (big chested, narrow waist) who is 6 yrs old and acts like she is still 2 yrs. old. With nicknames like “Piranha Dog” and “Thunderfoot” what would you expect! She is always hyper and wiggling except when she sleeps. We were at our wits end but did not want to resort to medications to calm her.We heard about Wiggleless and thought it was worth a try. Within a week we noticed a difference, not only is she calmer but she also feels comfort in wearing it. We have found the easiest way for putting it on her is while she is occupied with eating her meal. This may not work for other dogs who are possessive of their food however. Thanks to Wiggleless it has helped our very excitable dog become calmer. We highly recommend Wiggleless, it has made a big difference.




Eugene’s friend (Pug)
“Thank you for the spinal support for my friend Karen’s little Pug, Eugene. Karen phoned me this evening to ask me to convey her thanks to you—her words are “It is brilliant!” The pug has spondylitis right down his spine, walks dragging his legs in between wobbling and trying to walk. Karen is just putting him in the brace 2 hours a day, she said it is already making a difference to him. Karen is a nurse who loves dogs. She takes dogs from a rescue centre, grooms them and rehouses them if possible. She has 6 dogs of her own and is of course keeping the little pug, so he is a lucky little chap. The brace helps Eugene walk when she takes him out with her other dogs! Thank you!”

Back Brace for Pug



Jane Handel Cleo’s’s mom (Greyhound)
“My greyhound, Cleo, had a wound on her hind leg that she kept licking so it wouldn’t close up and heal. I considered getting a cone but knew she’d hate it (as would I since they are so hideous!). The WiggleLess back brace was recommended to me to use as an experiment to see if it would prevent her from reaching the wound and licking. I was a bit skeptical at first because greyhounds are larger than the usual breeds that the WiggleLess seems to work best on, but I gave it a try. Within 24 hours the wound had already shrunk and within four days it had closed up completely. Because of her long snout, Cleo was still able to lick the wound on occasion, but because the brace made it more challenging, she would give up quickly. It’s an amazing invention and was a great alternative to using one of those horrible cones. I’m thrilled to have it on hand because greyhounds have very thin skin and are constantly getting cuts. Also, if Cleo ever has a back problem, I now have the perfect thing to help support her very long spine.



Greyhound back brace


dog cone replacement


Claire Gallagher Harvey’s mom (ShihTzu mix)
“Here’s Harvey modeling his WiggleLess. It’s a perfect fit for him and he is much steadier on his walks wearing it. He damaged discs in his back in March and is just starting to enjoy his walks again. Thank you!”

Shih Tzu back brace



Debbie Morton Chucky’s mom (Dachshund)
“Hi Lisa, just want to say a huge big THANK YOU for sending me Chucky’s brace. He loves it and it makes him feel so secure and calm. I have been spreading the word here in a South Africa about your products and the fantastic service we have received. Even our Vet is so impressed and has your details to hand out at the practice. I am attaching a picture of Chucky wearing his brace. Everyone I have told about the brace have never ever heard of a brace being made for a dog, other than the ones on the wheelies, for dogs that are paralyzed. He is so comfortable and pain-free, which makes me much happier. Thank you once again! xo Debbie—Pretoria, South Africa.”
dachshund back brace

Feeling pain free in my WiggleLess!


Sharon Butler Boris’s mom (Frenchie)
“Boris has been wearing his WiggleLess every day since you first came out with them almost three years ago! He’s still going strong—and I remember being so worried about about his back! Thank you for such a great product!”
french bulldog back brace

After almost three years, I expect to wear my WiggleLess every day!


Londa Bunn Mocha’s mom (Spaniel)
“Thought I would send you a picture of Mocha and his new brace! He doesn’t LOVE it, but doesn’t mind to wear it. He had disc surgery on 3/6/14 and is doing awesome! The brace makes ME feel better when he is out of his crate! I am very pleased! Thank you for a great product!”
Spaniel back brace

Getting used to my new WiggleLess! Love the support!


John Pleasence Magoo’s dad (Shi-Poo)
Hi Lisa, Magoo received his Wiggleless. You were right about needing the X strip. Magoo is healing after back surgery last Friday. Metal stitches run down his spine. He is sweet and lovable in spite of all he’s been through. He doesn’t mind wearing the brace at all. Thank you so much!
shihtzu back brace

Back surgery is no fun at all but my vet said I needed it.

shihtzu back brace

I am so happy to get more support after my surgery! This brace feels good!


Anya Johnson Louie’s mom (Chihuahua)
Hi Lisa, I just wanted to send some pics of Louie in his wiggleless and say thank you so much for making this wonderful product! It has helped him so much and he is healing and has no more pain so far! Thank you so much!”
Chihuahua back brace

Loving my WiggleLess!


Crystal L Egger Dixie’s mom (Dachshund)
“This is Dixie! Shes a 7 year old doxie and she’s recently had back problems with bulging disks! My husband took her for a check up at the vet this morning, wearing her wiggleless back brace. The vet had never seen one before…but said its an amazing invention, and would like to know where we got it so he can recommend it to others!”

10366305_10203915126309463_5677366759016296788_n   ________________________________________________________________________________

Jen Grassi Hunter’s mom (Dachshund)
“Hunter has a little bit of a curve going on in his back, it’s been that way since after surgery, his cart from Eddie’s Wheels helped keep him straight, but he’s a stubborn little guy and doesn’t like his cart anymore since he can use his legs lol. We’ve only had the brace for a short time and my mom has commented that Hunter’s back is starting to look straighter than it was before he had the brace. I am very happy with the progress he’s making! He’s been a fighter ever since he got hurt and needed surgery! Thank you!”

Dachshund back brace   ________________________________________________________________________________

Brenda Skelton Katie’s mom (Sheltie)
“Katie’s brace just arrived and she is modeling it for you. We are in the 10th day of a 14 day crate rest but I was so anxious to put it on her! We are praying her bulging disc is healing and that your back brace will protect her! At first she wouldn’t move but I have been working with her and using training treats and I really feel like this is a GODSEND! I think Katie is already comfortable wearing her brace! THANK YOU!”

  Sheltie back brace photo   ________________________________________________________________________________

Linne Girouard/All Texas Dachshund Rescue        Tennyson’s Rescuer (Dachshund)
“The boys that have Tennyson say he is going very well in his new dog back brace! Thank you so much!””

  Totally Tuckered Chicken Strip Animal Planet Vet   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Doris Wilkins   Pug’s friend (Pug)
“Thank you for the spinal support for my friend Karen’s little Pug.  Karen phoned me this evening to ask me to convey her thanks to you-  her words are “It is brilliant!” The pug has spondylitis right down his spine—walks dragging his legs in between wobbling and trying to walk.  Karen is just putting him in the support 2 hours a day, she said it is already making a difference to him.Karen is a nurse who loves dogs- she takes dogs from a rescue centre, grooms them and rehomes them if possible- she has 6 dogs of her own and is of course keeping the little pug- so he is a lucky little chap.Many thanks from Karen and myself.”


Terri Secord Odin’s mom (Basset Hound)

“I am so happy with the WiggleLess Brace. It has improved Odin’s life so much. We can now go for walks on the beach. He has his big attitude back! Thank you!”

Basset Hound back brace

I have my big attitude back now when I wear my WiggleLess!


Denise Oselinsky Charlee’s mom (Cocker mix)

“Charlee just received his second WiggleLess. Charlee has IVDD and lost use of his rear legs when he had the first episode. Through ultrasound, laser and water therapy he started walking and gained full use of his rear legs. We immediately purchased a WiggleLess for him and now two years later he is still doing amazing! His brace gives us peace of mind to know his back will be supported when he needs it most. Thank you so much!”

Cocker Spaniel Back Brace

It’s been two years since my back went out and I am still going strong thanks to the support of my parents and WiggleLess!


Charlotte Rayner Parker’s mom (Yorkie)

“Thank you for sending my order so quickly. Here is a picture of Parker in his WiggleLess. He is doing well with it. I think he is in less discomfort and I can pick him up now without his back crunching!”

Yorkie back brace

I feel much better in my WiggleLess!

Donna Miller Noah’s mom (Brittany Spaniel)
“The brace arrived yesterday. I think it is working well for Noah my dog. We are learning to get it on better each time. He is very patient with me. We take two good walks a day and he walks great in it. It covers the area where the disc slipped. Great! Thanks so much!”
Cocker Spaniel back brace

I love walking in my new WiggleLess!


cocker spaniel back brace

I love playing in my new WiggleLess!

Anne Carnathan Bubba’s mom (Dachshund)
“I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the WiggleLess back support. I had one of my first miniature Dachshund’s wind up with back trouble. We did crate rest, acupuncture and used the WiggleLess back brace when he went out of his crate. He has recovered and is back to tracking bunnies at Field Trials! We were just so fortunate to have the WiggleLess back support to help him through his recovery! I can’t thank you enough!”
Dachshund back brace

So happy to have Bubba’s WiggleLess when he needs it!

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Miriam Fisher Plato’s mom (Cocker Spaniel)
“Hi. My name is Plato. I’m almost eleven years old, but I still think I’m just two. My owner ordered me a wiggleless. It took a long time to come all the way to China where I live, but finally this week my friend brought it! I’m a well-adjusted fellow and I completely trust my owner, so when she put it on me I was fine with it. Now I can chase my Fuzzy Vacuum Dude in the house as long as I wear my shoes (the floor is slippery), and I can run outside now much more easily. I like that part so much. I sleep easily in it, too, so you can tell my back doesn’t hurt. Thank you so much for sending it to me.”
Cocker Spaniel back brace

I get to chase my Fuzzy Vacuum Dude now that I have my WiggleLess!

Kathy Utorka Marco’s mom (Pug)
“Marco had his back surgery in October of 2011 and has been through a very long recovery. I am so glad he has his WiggleLess back brace to support and help protect his back. He really likes wearing it!”
Pug back brace

I am so glad I have my wiggleless…and also my best friend!

Pug back brace

I feel happy and secure in my WiggleLess!

Pug back brace

Back surgery is not easy.

Liz Black Lulu’s mom (Dachshund)
“Lulu loves her WiggleLess! She is wearing it for prevention. Thank you.”
Dachshund back brace

I just got this in the mail and I LOVE it!

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Terri Suds’s mom (Vizsla)
“So far so good with the back brace I got from you for my 12 1/2 year old Vizsla “Suds” We have taken him on two walks with it and he seems to really like it. I have not put it real tight, so he would have some time to get use to it. You were right, it fits fine, I don’t even have to use the extension for the girth. I am sending two pictures with the brace on, he also has his walking harness on. We have to walk him with it for support for his back legs and to keep him slowed down. He wants to run like he is two again. The cool thing is that the back brace and the harness match. I will keep you updated with how it works and how his Dr.s and Physical Therapist like it. Thank you so much!”

I’m feeling two again in my WiggleLess!

photo 2

Carolyn Wally’s mom (Dachshund)
“The parcel arrived in South Africa yesterday. I am so happy with the brace and Wally seems very comfortable in it. He is going with my husband tonight for a 3Km walk which he always used to do. He looks so handsome with his jacket on. Again, thanks so very much. We are thrilled!”
dachshund back brace

I love my new WiggleLess!

Wally 007 Wally 006 Wally 003

Corina Rose Luckenbach Bebop’s mom (Dachshund)
“Bebop hurt her back last month and I was SO thankful for my Wiggleless back brace! It totally slowed her down and made her calmer. She has totally regained all her mobility and I’m sure the wiggleless helped her speedy recovery. Thank you!”
dachshund back brace

This wiggleless helps me get around when I’ve overdone it!

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Marlene Daks Sophie’s mom (Dachshund)
“Hi Lisa, This is Sophie in her Wiggleless Brace. We had the extension sewn on and it now fits her very well. It definitely is stabilizing her back. She didn’t like it when we first put it on and actually fell over a couple of times just getting used to it. We made sure it wasn’t too tight. Sophie is very dramatic…..It’s taken her a day but she is learning how to maneuver very well with it and I don’t think it will be an issue at all.Thank you again Lisa for your input and help……Please let me know if you did receive the pictures…Marlene”

Mail Attachment Mail Attachment

Lisa Castro Bella’s mom (Dachshund/Terrier)

“Bella, our 14lb Dorkie (dachshund terrier mix), had a large mass removed from her side. When she was brought to us after surgery she was wearing a cone and looked pitiful. As her healing progressed, we noticed EVERY TIME we moved towards her to put on her cone she retreated, and when the cone was on she became immobile and depressed. This went on for two weeks. Then we met Lisa Luckenbach, who suggested using the WiggleLess in place of the cone. Bella does not like sweaters or clothing so I assumed she would object to this as well. Immediately after placing the Wiggle Less on Bella she strutted across the floor as if she had found a new freedom. The WiggleLess had a calming effect on her. In addition, she could move around more freely which assisted in eliminating the constipation due pain medicine. The WiggleLess also minimized Bella’s ability to leap onto couches and beds, which assisted in the prevention of torn sutures. And, Bella could not lick, or bite at her sutures while she was going through the itchy stages of healing, eliminating infection which shortened her healing process.WiggleLess is a phenomenal alternative to the cone for any post-op procedure that is on the hind end of any dog! The vest prevents them from twisting around to interfere with healing!”

Dog cone alternative

WiggleLess is much more comfortable that a dog cone! I’m healing beautifully now and I can move around freely!

IMG_0116 IMG_0101 IMG_0121 IMG_0127

Rick Greenwood Scooter’s Dad (Papillon)
“Great news, Scooters vest fits great and he’s very comfortable with it!  Better yet, the veterinarian- neurosurgeon who took care of Scooter and performed the herniated disc surgery seven weeks ago, had not seen your vest before and was admittedly skeptical at first. We took the vest with us to his final appointment last Thursday, and once she saw it, saw his comfort with it, and read information from the web site, she became a fan!  She felt sure that this could be a viable alternative for those who may not be able to afford the surgery but we’re not ready or willing to part with their beloved pet. I gave her your contact info an first feel sure that she will be contacting you at some point. Thanks for all that you’ve done!”
Papillon dog brace

After back surgery 7 weeks ago, I’m loving the support I get with WiggleLess. My vet loves it too!

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Ruthie Dionisio Muscles’s mom (Frenchie)
“Please see the 2 pix. 1 of Muscles is his 2nd WiggleLess (I like to replace it every year or less because he wears it so much and it gets worn out/dirty just like anything else utilized this often).  I had to attach velcro extensions to get the chest straps to connect. I also sewed tan panels over the red on his 2nd WiggleLess because a. I am a fashionista! b. I wanted to make the brace match Muscles fur (because he is a fashionista’s son!) and c. we are SF 49er fans and Muscles wore their colors proudly. We got the new Medium WiggleLess yesterday. Thank you so much.  I had to make a slight sewing adjustment near his back legs to make it fit his narrowest part but was pretty easy. I also had to make slight adjustment to the velcro on top since I velcro it shut at a slight diagonal to fit him. The narrower chest strap = PERFECT!!! Nicely more narrow for comfort and the length was just right!Muscles hates all collars and any type of shirt or sweater. With a passion. However he has worn WiggleLess since 2011 and hasn’t had another back injury since!  Muscles also doesn’t mind wearing it and I think he knows it helps him. He didn’t even notice I put a new one him!  Previously he suffered an apparently common Frenchie problem of over-twisting his back. Both times happened while he was squirming in his sleep. Both times thankfully he only required bed rest, anti inflammatory meds, and some pain pills. He was better in about 2 weeks.  However after the 2nd incident my husband who suffers from 2 herniated disks couldn’t just let it happen to Muscles again. We were lucky he never needed surgery.Well… The rest is history. My husband Mak found the Wiggleless online and at the time seemed more geared for dachshunds and their type.  So we got Muscles the size Large and aside from needing the chest extensions it worked like a miracle. TRULY!!Muscles wears his WiggleLess 24/7 when he is at home and in the car. When he is at work with me his sleeping chair is firm enough that he doesn’t need to squirm to get upright. I  am also with him the whole day so he doesn’t have possibly injuring moments. Otherwise he wears the WiggleLess with pride. I tell people all the time about the WiggleLess – in person and on InstaGram where Muscles has almost 2000 followers. His InstGram name is “iammuscles” so please check him out!Please let me know if you want me to send more pix along. Happy to have Muscles be the Frenchie role (and fashion) model for back injury prevention by wearing his WiggleLess!”
Dog Back Brace

I love my WiggleLess. It has kept me away from the vet for any back problems since I started wearing it!


Dog Back Brace

Muscles looks sporty in his 49ers colors! He’s the hit of the game!

Kat Butler Henry’s mom (Pug)
“To start off with the WiggleLess is wonderful and Henry actually loves wearing it. We can see a physical difference when he is wearing it and much weaker when we remove it. I will do you a proper review that you can use if you like next week! Henry’s Facebook account has been filled with questions and PM’s regarding the brace! I believe a few people have ordered or are going to be ordering- including an actress called Lorraine Dallas! My vet is extremely impressed and is going to be recommended…she has taken a photo of Henry and put it on her surgery wall with details. I have also made a trip to another vets to show off the WiggleLess- Chris Jameson the owner of Jameson’s vets was more than impressed and believe me she does not impress easily. Chris is going to order a brace for one of her own dogs- A Bulldog I think to try it out- it got attacked recently and has started knuckling when it walks. Chris has stated that if it is a good as I say she will be recommending to patients in her surgery too :) Next week I am off to the Nottingham Hydrotherapy Centre as they also want to see the brace. They deal with a lot of dogs with back problems and keen to check the brace out. I have also written to the East Midlands main animal hospital in Derby and recommended the brace. They all know Henry there so I am sure will be keen to hear more. I know many people in the UK are scared to death of ordering anything using the internet or outside the UK…if I can ever help selling some for you in the UK just shout. We are currently away at the coast two hours a way from home we try and bring the dogs here for a couple of days at least every other weekend, they love it. I was working for a Domestic Violence charity up until Christmas where initially I was a Safety Officer but I set up a project within the charity for animals. Many of my victims would not leave violent homes if they could not take their animal ( many refuges in the UK wont take pets). So, I set up a project to care for the animals until their owners were in a safe place and situation to have them back. Sadly, the charity lost all the funding for the animal project and as a result I left as this was the reason I had stayed with the charity for 6 years. Working in another part of the charity did not work for me with caring for Henry and working 45 plus hours a week did not work.Pet insurance in the UK is not good! I had insurance for life with Henry but just before his accident his insurers pulled out of pet insurance. It was a big thing and on the news as many customers including myself were faced with thousands and thousands of pounds worth of vet bills and no other insurer would take them on due to existing conditions! After leaving the charity Henry made big improvements as he was never left alone! I started Hydrotherapy with him weekly and also acupuncture every fortnight. He is never left alone for more than 3 hours at a time! I am now working part-time for a new charity Combat Stress- supporting veterans specialising in PTSD. It is working OK I mostly work a night shift so Henry is cared for…it’s working OK for now! My two other dogs seem extremely interested in the WiggleLess and are rather jealous Henry has a new ” coat”! I will send you a testimonial in the next couple of days and will continue to spread the Wiggleless word! I will be ordering a second WiggleLess for Henry after Christmas so he can have one here for the beach and sea and one for home! They are amazing xx Many thanks, Kat”


Pug back brace

This WiggleLess feels really good!

Pug back brace

Sharon Peete Baxter’s mom (Beagle)
“Good evening Lisa. I wanted to drop you a line and let you know I received the brace today!! Just got home from work but I could not wait for you to see this yourself. The brace is perfect and when I put it on Baxter seemed to like it. I see how it restricts his movement as he turns his whole body when I call him and not just his head which keeps his neck straight!!! Yippee!! I am excited for him and us and I will rest a little better knowing that he can wear it during the day and it will help him to heal his disc. Blessings to you for your kindness to him and us. I will keep you posted on his progress…..so far so good and he is still only on half a rimadyl a day. No stairs or jumping or running but he misses his walks. I hope he gets released to go on short walks on 9/19 when he sees his neurologist again.Thanks again for your kindness. Have a blessed night. Told you he is a big boy and needed a large!!”
beagle back brace

I think I’m going to like this WiggleLess!

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Carolyn Olsen Sophie’s mom (Standard Poodle)
“We give Stella the best of everything for her health. She eats right, exercises, and gets so much love! We wanted to offer her support just in case she ever needs it so we always have her WiggleLess standing by…for those times when she might have an ache or a pain from having way too much fun! She loves it! Thank you!”
standard poodle back brace

If I need support I have it…just in case!

Jeff Calley Otto’s Dad (Dachshund)
“Here’s Otto showing off his WiggleLess! I’ve had my own “wiggle less” for my back for years. It’s amazing no one thought of it for little long-backed doggies before now. Otto’s taken to his new little orthopedic outfit, and it truly does reduce the torque in his spine and the pain from his injury in January.Thanks, Lisa, for being so thoughtful and having a brilliant idea! — at The Lightning Bug Bungalows.”
Dachshund back brace

I’m loving this brace!

Rosalynn Bertulfo Earth’s Mom (Dachshund)
“My dachshund dog “Earth” who’s 7 years old and acquired a slight back problem was recommended by his vet to buy a back brace. Thank God we found WiggLess and thank God for you Lisa, who’s main concern is the dogs welfare and not the business. We had some minor problems along the way with the delivery—well, if the place is as far as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its not a surprise, and its not Wiggless company’s fault either but the local post office of Saudi Arabia’s end.My husband and I are so impressed and can’t thank you enough for everything. We ordered one item but Lisa sent us 2 of different sizes to be sure it fits our dog, we don’t know any other company who would do that. Right now Earth is doing well and his back doesn’t bother him anymore and is back in his old self. He loves the brace and always points it with his nose to make me put it on if I remove it. Here’s a picture of him in our little garden for our little man. Thank you WiggleLess!  You are such a Life saver!”
Dachshund back brace

I love my doggie back brace!

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Hattie Vail Popeye’s Mom (Bull Terrier)
“Popeye” had the plate and screws removed from the previous TPLO surgery. We are trying to eradicate the infection. When the surgeon went in to the knee to remove the hardware, he found a saucer shaped fracture at the top of the joint and a lot of cartilage damage. He cleaned it all up and removed the hardware so now there is nothing foreign holding his leg together. We are using Wiggleless as a dog cone alternative to stop him from licking his staples out in his right rear leg. It’s working and he is healing well. Thank you!”
Bull Terrier back brace

This is better than an awkward cone! Thank you, WiggleLess!

Trudie Town Ziggy’s Mom (Standard Poodle)
“We rescued Ziggy from a poodle rescue organization. He is seven years old. We thought WiggleLess would help with his transition into his new family and home.It’s working beautifully. We adore Ziggy and we love WiggleLess! Thank you!”
Standard Poodle back brace

I feel calm and comforted in my WiggleLess. I know I will never be abandoned again

Sheldon Bergman Dusty’s dad (Pomeranian)
“Here are pictures of me with my signs on my “racing jacket.” Pretty neat. As everyone says, “Dusty is unique!”(Dad says that isn’t always a good thing.) The vet says that the brace has helped and now I only have to wear it when playing, exercising, going “kamikaze,” or when my back acts up. Thanks to Lisa at WiggleLess for making me feel better. DUSTY
Pomeranian back brace

I feel pretty “racey” in this WiggleLess!

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Nicholas Lanier Rocket’s Dad (Schnauzer/Terrier mix)
“Rocket is a 4 year old Schnauzer/Terrier mix with a very wiggly torso.  7 days ago, he  began experiencing pain that we could not identify. We immediately took him to the Vet ER. They prescribed pain meds. Two days later, the pain was still there.  He had X-Rays. He was diagnosed with Stage 1-2 IVDD. More pain meds, anti-inflammatories and 30 days in a crate was the solution given us with a possible major surgery if his condition worsens. I read about the WiggleLess and it sounded exactly like what he required to assist with recovery. Within the first hour of wearing it, he seemed more himself.  It holds his spine straight without the wiggling – thus no pain. That first afternoon, he slept like a baby for three hours. He was dreaming dreams that he hadn’t dreamt in a week where he was running and playing…After his nap, we went outside for a limited walk . He tried to scratch the ground after he peed! This is a dog who could barely move a couple of days ago! He then had a very nice dinner where he cleaned his plate and afterwards he kept trying to hump my partner’s leg.Thank you so much!” Nicholas
Schnauzer back brace

Rocket is doing great in his WiggleLess

Deb Chipper’s mom (Bichon Frise)
“Chipper is a 4 year old Bichon Frise who suffered debilitating muscle atrophy due to years of medications prescribed to support an autoimmune disorder he got after an encounter with a rabies vaccination when he was 18 months old. After chiropractic, acupuncture pool therapy and some time recuperating with the aid of a wheel chair, he slowly regained the ability to walk on his own. He walked like a “drunken sailor”, but he was independent and proud of his progress. In time, his constant “wiggling” started to affect his spine and he was uncomfortable. X-rays showed excessive wear between his vertebrae. We introduced the “wiggleless” right away and saw immediate results. It forced him to walk straighter and wiggle less. His pain subsided. It’s been about 6 months of wearing it only for a few hours a day and now he only wears it a few times a week. In his annual checkup today he was walking, without the wiggleless, and nearly straight as can be…very little wiggling. I wish more people knew about this wonderful product. I will certainly spread the word on behalf of our happy Bichon boy, Chipper.” Deb
Bichon Frise back brace

Things are going really well with my WiggleLess

Robin Early Jet’s mom (Corgi)
“Here is Jet sporting her new Wiggleless back brace.   She has worn it on two walks and seems not to  mind wearing it.  I definitely think it gives her back support.  She has severe spondylosis, so I’m hoping the brace will give her relief.  Right now, she is wearing it anytime she is active.  So I take it off her when I go to work and at bedtime.  Put it on first thing in the morning, before we go down for breakfast, as that is a high excitement time for Jet (she is a corgi after all).  I also ordered the  WAG supplement.  So time will tell, but I’m very hopeful that the two things will help Jet.” Robin and Jet
Corgi back brace

I’m feeling good in my new WiggleLess

Attachment-1 copy 2

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Lexi Bella’s mom (Shih Tzu)
“Attached is a picture of Bella my 4 year old shih tzu who has IVDD and severe skin allergies. Since she’s worn the wiggle less she has stopped jumping up and down on furniture and has reduced her urge to lick and bite her back legs from allergies due to her not being able to twist around. Thank you for giving her a tool that will help her live a long pain free life without constant dependence on medications!”Lexi
Shih Tzu dog back brace

I’m feeling much better now in my WiggleLess!

Sheldon Bergman Dusty’s dad (Pomeranian)
“I hurt my back pretty bad and now Dad had this Wiggle Less back brace made for me and all the other bigger dogs in the house are laughing at me.  At least he gave me my own email address.  I must admit that I can’t spin anymore and that does seem to help.   DUSTY
Pomeranian back brace

I must admit, it feels pretty good this WiggleLess!

Pomeranian back braceDog back brace for Pomeranians

Ana Stepisnik Mini’s mom (Pekingese)
“Greetings from Slovenia!! I am sending you a photo of my Mini, here she is a little confused what is going on —I will tell my vet about WiggleLess, it really is a shame nobody told me dog back braces even exist when we had the surgery and she was recovering…It would make her recovery less painful and much more faster than it was. This truly is a godsend, keep up the good work! Ana and “Mini”
Pekingese back brace

Just got my new WiggleLess and I know it’s going to help!

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Daima Scout’s mom (Maltese)
“Scout has always been an active and vibrant boy, until he developed a herniated disk when he was six years old.  When his problem developed he quickly became so debilitated that he could hardly walk. Swelling from his herniation pinched nerves causing numbness in his hind legs. It was heartbreaking to watch helplessly as he almost instantly lost his ability to even hold his own body up.Thankfully, aggressive treatment from his vet was able to reduce the swelling. And over a few weeks of medical treatments as well as complete bed rest, he regained feeling in the back of his body.It was amazing to watch Scout get his livelihood back. He was like a puppy again. He wanted to run, jump and play. But we were under strict orders to limit his physical activity…for the rest of his life. Since a herniated disc will never go away, our goal is to try to keep the symptoms from flaring up again. So his spinal column should remain very straight and stable.I quickly realized how difficult it will be to control this on my own. In steps Wiggleless. I found this back support for Scout when searching the web, and with my vet’s approval began using it to protect Scout’s fragile back. It is such a relief to know his motions are limited to those that are safe for him. As an added bonus, Scout loves it! You can tell he feels completely comfortable in it. Being wrapped in support seems to give him a feeling of safety.While getting Scout situated in a support that fits him just right, Lisa helped me with the most fantastic customer service I have ever experienced. She is patient, generous, professional, and quick to respond to any questions. Her genuine love of animals and passion for helping them shines through her work”
Maltese dog back brace

Feeling snuggly and good in my WiggleLess!

Terrie McCracken Dexter’s mom (French bulldog)
“The dog back brace is an amazing idea and I can see for normal dogs- it would work fantastically- I knew it was going to be a challenge for Dexter. After trying the brace on several times I decided to temporarily taper the brace at the bottom as you initially suggested.Dexter was operated on his lumber vertebrae and as his back legs and hips are so weak- especially his left he body tends to unnaturally swing to a 90º angle.The brace – is helping Dexter endlessly – he is now at least walking and trying to use both back legs and I am not so worried of him twisting his torso too much and damage his back again. Thank you for your customer service- I will definitely recommend your product – Terrie Mc Cracken”
Dog back brace for French Bulldog with unusual proportions

My mom figured out a way to fit my unusual shape. I love this dog back brace!


French bulldog back brace

I’ve had a hard time with back problems

Jeanine West Mimi’s mom (Frenchie)
“Please forgive me for not getting back to you sooner regarding the changes you made to the Wiggleless that I purchased for Mimi.  I love the changes!  The vest is much more fitting to Mimi’s form, especially the thinner neck.  This one is most definitely holding up longer.  Miss Mimi did injure herself again – she is just too rowdy for her own good.  But, thanks to the WiggleLess dog back brace, she is on the mend! I normally keep Mimi in her vest most of the time.  She sleeps on the foot of my bed and is not supposed to jump off.  Our routine is normally that she wakes me up by crawling up next to me and nuzzling me in the morning.  I carry her down the stairs and put her outside.  Once she has had her morning walk-about in the yard, I put the vest on her and it stays on until we go to sleep at night.  But, my girl is rowdy!  One morning she woke me up jumping off the bed on her own.  That was the onset of the injury.  I noticed her limping a bit later that day.  Normally the vet says to keep her contained so she can’t romp with my two Pugs and run around the back yard (which has several raised beds and she loves to jump up and down off of these areas).  She has managed to get out of her containment area twice now and runs around the backyard barking.  So, I am having a time just keeping her in a restful manner so she can heal.  But, I did notice this morning that she is walking a bit better so hopefully she is recovering. I am sold on WiggleLess and continue to spread the word to friends and acquaintances!”
Dog Back Brace

I always feel better wearing my dog back brace

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Karen Tattersall Belle’s mom (Bichon)
“Attached is a picture of our Bichon, Belle, wearing your WiggleLess dog back brace. She has been wearing it for a year now and since that time has not needed to see the vet for her back problem. We use it for every walk and sometimes just if she’s had an over active day. We love your product!”
Dog back brace

I look beautiful in my dog back brace

Rick and Pennie Griffith Buddy’s parents (poodle)
“Lisa,  apologies for not getting back to you sooner but I just wanted to give it some time and see how the back brace for dogs worked for my little Buddy. Well I can’t thankyou enough he has not had a back episode since we put it on him a few months ago. It took him a bit of getting comfortable with it but now he acts like he’s not even wearing the brace. He runs and plays like he doesn’t even have a problem. This is truly an amazing product for dogs with IVDD. Again thankyou thankyou thankyou. You are truly a gem for bringing this item for all dogs with these back problems.” Rick and Pennie Griffith— Stonewall Manitoba Canada”
Dog Back brace

I feel like a pup again in my WiggleLess dog back brace!

Lonna Dunson Pearl’s mom (miniature poodle)
“Hi Lisa, The Wiggleless dog back braces arrived today, and the medium size is perfect for Pearl.  I’m so thankful you sent this size as well as the medium large for comparison, which will go out in the mail to you tomorrow or Monday at the latest. Thank you so much for your service, wonderful design and kind assistance. I feel so much better that Pearl is now “wiggleless” as much as possible during her recovery and beyond.  Big hug delivered to her from you!”
dog back brace

I love my new WiggleLess dog back brace

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Debbie Silver Lang Java’s mom (Shih Tzu)
“Java is loving her new Wiggleless back brace for dogs, so much, she went for a walk yesterday and I could not believe how much she walked. Never before could she walk so far like she did. All because of her new support in her Wiggleless. What a amazing brace! Thank you Wiggleless for giving us such a wonderful brace that can help my JAVA and all others that need this back support!!!”!”
dog back brace

I am comfortable in my dog back brace

Nick Scott, L.M.T Founder/Associate Director OSOM—Canine Massage Program (Dachshund)
“WiggleLess dog back brace is a great product and a well thought out design. It can be used for intervertebral disc problems. It is a great back support unit which can be used for any back issues or problems. WiggleLess would be great for overweight dogs in order to take stress off of their backs. I highly recommend this product!”

Melissa Chili’s mom (American Hairless Terrier)
“Hi Lisa, I am attaching some photos of my dog Red Hot Chili Pepper (“Chili”) wearing his Wiggleless dog back brace. Chili is a 13-year-old American hairless terrier, and the sweetest little boy in the world. He brings joy everywhere he goes, and everybody loves him! Chili hurt his back in February when he played Superman and took a leap off of the recliner. He had a pinched nerve, was in a lot of pain, and had trouble using his back legs. We were very worried about him! I was glad that your website offered an overnight shipping option, because he needed help fast! Chili’s measurements fall between sizes, and the first brace I ordered was too big. I went ahead and ordered the smaller size so he would have it quickly, and was able to send the original brace back for a prompt refund. I’m happy to say that Chili is doing much better after a month on steroids, and his brace helps him dance around like he loves to do without re-injuring his back. He’s back to thinking he’s 3, instead of 13! I took the Wiggleless with me for his check-up and showed his doctor, and she said that this product is a good thing for him. We’re also watching him very closely any time he’s on the furniture, to make sure he doesn’t take any more unscheduled flights. Thanks so much for helping my little man!”

dog back brace

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Dr. Dee Wiseman, B.S., D.C., A.H.T. Gizmo’s mom (Schnauzer)
“In my 15 years as an Animal Health Technician I have encountered many dogs prone to spinal injuries and back pain. The treatment for these animals has historically been pain medication, restriction of activity, and/or surgery. Both are traumatizing to the dog. I have seen many devices created to support these pets but none are as convenient and effective as WiggleLess® dog back brace. Now in my career as a Doctor of Chiropractic as well as Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulator, I work with many pets who are prone to back issues, but are active and happy as a result of WiggleLess®. This device is priceless because of the support it provides for these pets and its prevention of further injury and pain. I recommend WiggleLess® for my animal patients who suffer from back pain of any sort. This bracing system can help any pet with back pain by helping support the spine during recovery from injury or surgery as well as preventing the need for surgery.”

The Mayo’s Maggie’s Parents (Beagle Mix)
“HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Dear Lisa and all of the family at WiggleLess back brace for dogs. We wish to send you a BIG THANK YOU” to everyone for this amazing brace! It has been a true blessing for our Maggie! She’s a much happier pup and feeling like herself (at last!). We are getting some of those candid pictures for you. Maggie is camera shy…Thank you again so much for all the work you do, for our beloved “furry people!” Sincerely, The Mayo Family and of course, Maggie!

John and Tallulah

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Darian and Jack

Trudy and Alphie

Haydee Scuby’s Mom (Maltese)
“I ordered ur x-small for my 5 pound Maltese. I am happy to report that it fits him fine. I have noticed that he is more still and jumps less when he wears it, I am sure this product will help him not hurt his back anymore. Thank You so much. Merry Christmas and God Bless.”

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Barbara Coconut’s mom (Bichon/Poodle mix)
“My one and a half year old bichon/poodle mix, Coconut, was rescued off the streets of L.A. She was starving (she weighed 8 pounds and should have been 12), matted, dirty and scared. After having her only a few days, I realized she was in pain and immediately took her to the vet. X-rays revealed nothing broken, but we did not know her history. Had she been hit by a car or had she been kicked and abused? The vet gave her medicine and told me to keep her as calm as possible even going as far to say I may want to keep her in a crate for several weeks so her back could rest. The thought of leaving her crated day and night broke my heart, but once she was feeling better, it was hard to keep her down. I was very worried she would re-injure herself. It was at this point, I found WiggleLess® back support. She wore a WiggleLess® dog back brace and was able to walk freely, even run and play, but WiggleLess® provided support and gentle restraint so she was not able to leap and twist, possibly re-injuring herself. I am happy to report that since finding WiggleLess® back support, Coconut, my sweet little dog, is playful, happy, and pain free.”

Ann Gracie’s mom (Mutt)
“Our dog is a mutt and was the runt of a litter of thirteen. She has always seemed to have a frail back and hips, but we love her so much. She is a medium sized dog and when we were on one of our many hikes, her back went out. We had to carry her part of the way back to the car. A trip to the vet said she needed to rest and not move. We kept her sedated and after a week she still wasn’t doing well. That was when I ordered WiggleLess® dog back brace and it worked miracles! It kept Gracie quiet and still. She did recover, not over night, but slowly and surely. Now, the WiggleLess® and water go on all our hikes. They are the essentials. We are so happy to have this tool to help keep Gracie happy and healthy. What would we do without her?”

Dave Henry’s dad (Mini Dachshund)
“Recently my dog, Henry, had surgery to remove a lump on his tail, resulting in over 25 stitches. He was given antibiotics and pain medication. In order to heal properly he could not lick, bite or scratch the surgery site. Rather than wearing an uncomfortable cone around his head, Henry wore a WiggleLess® back support night and day for ten days. He healed beautifully and it made me feel good knowing he was comfortable in the process.”

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Dolkar Dolma’s mom (Chihuahua)
“My Chihuahua, Dolma, gets very nervous around people. She quivers and shakes and wants to hide. The moment I wrap her in a WiggleLess® she becomes noticeably calm and confident. Her WiggleLess dog back brace seems to create the feeling of being wrapped securely and I now have her wear it whenever we entertain or are around a lot of people. Dolma is the life of the party!”
Dog Back brace

I feel calm in my WiggleLess back brace for dogs

Shirley Misty’s mom (Cocker Spaniel)
“I would recommend WiggleLess back support for dog owners who love their dogs and want to give them all the support they can!”

Darian Jack’s mom (Schnauzer)
“My schnauzer, Jack, had a skin infection on his back, which required special shampoo, lotion and oral medication. He wore a WiggleLess® to prevent him from scratching and biting his inflamed skin. Jack healed quickly and comfortably in the process. WiggleLess was a far more comfortable solution than wearing a cone around his head.”
dog back brace

WiggleLess dog back brace helps me from irritation my skin.

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Roger Leo’s dad (Dachshund)
“My dachshund, Leo, has been blind for seven years and is now fourteen. I wrap him in a WiggleLess and he feels secure and calm whenever he goes exploring. When Leo wears his WiggleLess I know I am doing everything I can to support him!”
dog back brace

I feel safe in my WiggleLess dog back brace

Reverend Cathy Bob’s mom (Bichon/Terrier mix)
“Bob suffers greatly from hot spots during the summer. He chews, licks and irritates his back and torso area to the point of bleeding. After trying just about everything I recently purchased a WiggleLess® back support to prevent him from biting and chewing his hot spots. It works!  I continue giving Bob herbal supplements that work from the inside out, but now Bob can heal without continually aggravating his skin. Bob is comfortable, fashionable and supported in his WiggleLess.”
I love my WiggleLess

I love my WiggleLess

Laurie Vienna’s mom (Mini Dachshund)
“Since her spinal surgery, Vienna has recovered by about 85%. She still has a little hitch in her get along, but it doesn’t slow her down one bit. She has no idea that her spine has been compromised and runs and plays and chases squirrels every day! She is such an active dog that I worry she’ll over do it. What can you do!? I’ll tell you what you can do…get a Wiggleless dog back brace! I feel so much better knowing that she has some extra support while she’s playing like a crazy Weenie dog. I sometimes refer to the Wiggless as my “Worry-less”. It makes us BOTH feel better!”

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Don and Stacey Mara’s Parents (Mini Dachshund)
Mara has done quite well with her WiggleLess since her wolf attack. We’ve had no problems getting her to wear it. In fact, we think she actually likes it. Mara is seven years old and she weighs a wee ten pounds. Her personality weighs about a hundred times more than that. You really should meet her, she’s a ball. The wolf incident occurred on July 24, 2011. I witnessed the whole thing and sort of rescued her from the wolf with the help of the oncoming car. We are really lucky she survived. She received surgery for a broken pelvis. A plate was used to stabilize a broken illium, not sure of the spelling, which then secured the other small breaks. A total of five breaks were present. Five screws were also used with the plate. She has recovered surprisingly well and was walking one day after the surgery. Now that two months have passed she seems completely recovered. Don found Mara in Ironwood MI from a breeder in a run down house. He paid $200 for her. She is a miniature. She loves fetching balls, then and now. She loves to be on your lap and loves to snuggle. She curls up in a tight ball to sleep and loves her dog bed and blanket. She is truly spoiled! Chasing chipmunks and squirrels is her most favorite pasttime. She does have anxiety when we leave and so we use the WiggleLess when she is in the basement while we are work. It does seem to help her quivering and shivering when she has it on and it has been very helpful in supporting her back. We will get a picture of Mara out to you as well for you to use. Thank you again for the WiggleLess dog back brace. It is a great product and we wish you all the best. It’s been wonderful for Mara!
I'm much better now because of my WiggleLess

I’m much better now because of my WiggleLess

Theresa Snicker’s mom (Shih Tzu)
Thanks for getting me the right size vest for my dog Snickers.  I was mad at myself for ordering the wrong size, but you were so nice in sending the right one right away!  I hope you got the large back today.  I noticed it had made it to your post office so I was sure you had gotten it back.  It should have been delivered to you today. Snickers was not so sure of the vest at first, but found out that she could move with the support and not hurt as much.  The ace bandage helped her some and it got her thru until this brace came! Thanks again! I am impressed that you care for the dogs as much as you do.  Most people are interested in the money more than the product but you are the opposite!  You were more interested in making my dog feel better and trusted that I would follow thru and send the other one back to you!  Snickers is 14 and has kidney disease and she is loosing her sight in her left eye and now with her back problems, I feel I have to make my Furry Doghter (daughter)  as comfortable as I can until I have to put her to sleep.  I hope to have a long time left with her.  She can learn to get around with only one eye and her back will heal.  Her kidney disease is under control with diet and exercise.  She has not been able to take walks for a week and a half and today I took her for her first walk since she hurt her back.  She was so happy to go back out!  Thanks again!  I have rambeled enough and will go but Thank you, thank you, thank you! Theresa
WiggleLess has helped me feel young again!

WiggleLess has helped me feel young again!

Lori Sophie’s mom (Rat Terrier)
I can’t even begin to thank you enough. My 6 year old rat terrier, Sophie, was diagnosed with a bulging disk and required surgery that cost $4000 or more that we just didn’t have. She was restricted to her crate for at least 4-6 weeks in hopes that she would heal on her own with the limited movement. It was very touch and go for a long time. She’d have good days and bad days when her rear end would go out from under her.Sadly, it was rapidly approaching the point where I’d have to make a decision. I asked my vet if there wasn’t some sort of doggie back brace that could help keep her immobilized. She didn’t know of anything. That night I started searching the internet. Surely there had to be something out there. That’s when I found your site. It looked good in theory and looked like it would work in the real world. I ordered it immediately. Because of the spinal immobilization her back was able to heal. I don’t think I’ll ever take it off of her. It’s just such a wonderful support for our swaybacked loved ones.It was so hard to watch her so depressed, in her crate knowing that she probably thought she was in trouble. She’s a totally different girl now. Tonight I watch her as she tosses her bone up in the air with joy and catches it in her mouth, scratches her back on the carpet back and forth with that look of pure glee and naughtily chases after the cat.You’ve given my girl back to me. If I hadn’t found you, I know I would’ve had to say goodbye to her. You are a God send, Sophie’s miracle and our angel. There’s no doubt about it…you saved her life. I am forever indebted to you. I post on my FaceBook page about you, I tell my clients about you (I own a pet sitting business) and am going back to our vet to show her the change in Sophie compared to the last time she saw her.Again, thank you so very much. The Wise Family – Chris and Lori Sophie the BRAT terrier :) Stanley the puppy boy Tank the Fat Cat and Sparta the “special” cat (his grandfather is his father…ummm, yeah. They were feral…I caught them and spayed and neutered them all). Yay! One more group of cats rescued! =o)

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Tracy Sammy’s mom (Toy Poodle)
Lisa, I wanted to leave a message on your testimonial board but didn’t know how to do it. So just know that I am soooooo appreciative for you going the extra mile to help me get a Wiggleless that fits Sammy. Sammy was a stray toy poodle that I found a couple of months ago and was not able to find his owner. He has been fine until recently when he hurt his back. I hated to see him in the pain that he was in. The vet gave him meds and I kept him in the crate but I was concerned that he might reinjure himself. I searched online and was so happy that there was a product such as yours that helped immobilze him. He just received his jacket and I’m hopeful that he will be fine with the help of his Wiggleless!! Thanks again for everything! You have been a God-send!!! I’ll keep you posted. Tracy Sammy’s ‘mother’

Russ and Alyse Theo’s dad and mom (Pug)
Finally had a chance to keep our pug Theo in the WiggleLess back support brace for a few hours a day for a few days now. I have to say that he likes it! He was born with Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is a long-term disease that causes inflammation of the joints between the spinal bones, and the joints between the spine and pelvis. It eventually causes the affected spinal bones to join together. Add the that, degenerative disc and joint disease. He’s had a tough time walking any type of terrain that isn’t flat. Even then, he is so uncomfortable that he just doesn’t like to walk at all. He just turned 10 and really needs exercise or he’ll just turn into a big Fur-ball. Anyway, he spends a good part of the day with his tail down and hunched over, which is very un-pug like. When wears the back brace, his tail immediately goes back up and it appears to take some of the discomfort away. I think he likes the way it wraps around him, and it probably makes him feel more secure. Now he thinks he’s super pug! Thanks so much!

dog back brace

I feel uplifted in my WiggleLess dog back brace

Russ and Alyse

Carole Coco’s mom (Miniature Pinscher)
About 5 years ago, Coco sustained a severe back injury. It was caused by her “jumping with joy” at our return from dinner. She jumped so high that when she hit the tile floor her back legs splayed apart. When she hit the ground, she cried in pain, and could not lift herself at all. The emergency vet was amazed that her back wasn’t broken. Her recovery took the better part of a year, but thankfully, she seemed none the worse for the wear, other than if you walked behind her, you could see that her rear end kind of listed to one side. She had resumed all of her normal activities, including jumping up on furniture, going up and down stairs, etc…About 4 months ago, one morning Coco had trouble getting up. When she tried to walk, it looked like she was ‘drunk’!  Terrified, we took her to the Vet.  After examination, the Vet determined that Coco most likely had a disc injury, probably a progression from the first injury five years ago. So again, we had to endure cage rest, limited activity, and absolutely no jumping, including no stairs.  Thankfully, as time went on, she seemed to improve some, but remains weak in the back end, with some muscle atrophy on the right side.  Because of the weakness, she tends to trip with her back leg, and sometimes falls.  I was afraid that she was going to re-injure herself.  I wondered if there wasn’t something “out there”, that could offer support for her back. So I began my search online for back braces for dogs. Surprisingly, there wasn’t very much.  I finally stumbled onto the wiggleless site, and out of what I’d seen in my research, this gave me hope! So I sent for it, and it’s been nothing short of miraculous! Coco’s whole demeanor changes when she has the vest on – I put it on her first thing in the morning, and she wears it until we are done for the day. She actually took to it from the very first – and now, when I put it down on the floor, she will come right up and stand over it.  When it’s on her, she acts like a puppy again – she’s playful, and happy, and doesn’t trip and fall.  I have attached some pictures, so you can see how she stands before and after wearing the vest. The last picture shows that she can comfortably lay down and sleep with it on as well.  I have a video that I’d posted on Facebook, but I don’t know how to get it to your FB page. In the video you can see her begging for a treat, and then running out of the room with it.  At any rate, I am so grateful for your inspiration in creating this product. I believe that you have literally saved my dog’s life. She’s happy, healthy, and not in pain. I believe that with the wiggleless vest, she will have a few more years of not just life, but quality of life. Thank you! Carole King
dog back brace

I can even sleep comfortably in my WiggleLess dog back brace

Jeanine Mimi’s mom (French Bulldog)
My little French Bulldog, Mimi, has had her share of back problems.  She wakes up in high gear and stays that way all day so the back pain is traumatic not only for her but for me when I see her suffering.  She originally injured her back pulling a large plant out of my flower bed when she was just a puppy and has had to be on total bedrest off and on for four years.  During one visit to my vet, I was told that Mimi would never regain full use of her back legs and any further injury could cause total paralysis.  She is in such pain when she has an IVDD reoccurrence and it just breaks my heart.I began to do some research and came across the Wiggleless website.  Lisa has been just fantastic to work with.  I had a list of questions and got immediate answers.  I received the Wiggleless support and noticed that, while it provided good support for Mimi, it was a little snug on her Frenchie body.  I made contact with Lisa and before I knew it, a trial Wiggleless altered to fit Mimi arrived in the mail.  Lisa had gone above and beyond to make sure Mimi was totally comfortable and had the full support she needs.  I am so impressed not only with the Wiggleless Back Support product but with the outstanding customer service that Lisa provides.  Mimi wears her Wiggleless daily, only taking it off at bedtime, and I see such a difference in her movement and zest for life. Thank you Lisa for your deep commitment to helping little dogs with back problems.  You are an angel! Jeanine West
dog back brace

I love my WiggleLess dog back brace


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Shaleen Gussy’s Mom (Schnoodle)
I have a Schnoodle with disk problems. I had been told when the condition was discovered that I had two choices—euthanize or pay $6,000 for surgery. Some choice!! I found another vet who advised that we should try meds and six weeks in a crate. That worked. But the problem was, he had quite a few relapses resulting in many weeks in a crate. Then, my sister who lives in Ventura came to visit me here in Ottawa, Canada and brought me one of your WiggleLess braces. Truly amazing!!! I kept it on him over the Christmas holidays when we had lots of company and excitement and his back was fine. We have not seen him feeling this good in a year. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I intend to take it to show my vet the next time my dog has his checkup. Shaleen Jordan

Denise Denby’s Mom (Corgi)
Dear WiggleLess: The words “Thank You” do not sufficiently express my appreciation for Denby’s new, customized WiggleLess brace. I know many hours were spent designing and sewing his longer length Corgi sized brace. (Denby’s expression at seeing the life sized stuffed Corgi you used as a model was priceless!) Because Denby’s diagnosis is still unclear, whether or not this hind leg nerve damage will imporve is unknown. However, I do know that his back is stable and as a result, Denby has been given medical clearance to go for walks again! That makes for a very happy Denby dog. Providing Denby with the best possible quality of life has always been my goal. Thank you for being a beacon of hope when I needed it the most. Denby is now wiggling less and walking more. Happy doggy=happy mommy. Thanks to WiggleLess, Denby continues to enjoy his life as a dog. If you knew how many times during the past seven years people have said to me, “he is just a dog” you would understand how much your willingness to help Denby meant to me. Lisa, I will never forget the day I contacted you and you responded by saying that you would do whatever you could to help Denby. I knew then that I had met someone who understood my commitment to caring for Denby. The fact that you took on the challenge of creating Denby’s brace (and made it in such a short period of time) speaks to volumes to your “Love and Respect Animals” slogan. With deep appreciation, Denise Baker

Katie Bebe’s mom (Corgi)
“I just wanted to let you know that the new dog back brace fits perfect and I just cannot believe the improvement in my dog. She wasn’t crying in pain or shaking anymore just after one day of use and after about a week she seems to be back to her old self!  I can’t thank you enough. I’ve already told one co-worker with a dachshund that has a back problem about the Wiggleless and I will be telling my vet about it the next time we are in.  Thanks so much!” Katie Sanders

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Judi Gizmo’s mom (Pekingese)
“We received our WiggleLess dog back brace for our little Gizmo. We recently discovered that he has a curve in his spine that is causing his back legs to give out and he no longer keeps his tail up. He does NOT like to wear anything- so I didn’t think he would like the vest. Well, quite the contrary!!! He hasn’t acted irritated by the vest- and he even sleeps with it! It’s helping him walk and he even runs around occasionally! It’s clear that it is helping him! Thank you so much – our dogs mean the world to us! Gizmo still acts like a puppy even though his back and legs don’t agree. We were so excited to discover the vest. He’s also going to acupuncture but hasn’t gone in a month- so we KNOW that the vest is really making a difference:)” Judi Ragnarsson

Nick Scott, Assoc. Director and Instructor Ojai School of Massage
“WiggleLess is a great product with a well thought out design. It can be used for intervertebral disc problems. It is a great back support unit which can be used for any back issues or problems. WiggleLess would be great for overweight dogs in order to take stress off of their backs. I highly recommend this product.”

Nick J. Scott
“I believe that, for all living beings, the power of love is the most effective force for healing. Through a peaceful mind, the clear light of joy can shine impartially on all who suffer. My hope is to help pass on the knowledge of compassionate action that my teachers so kindly shared with me. In this way, I further hope to play a part in preparing the legions of love and light to move forward into a new dawn of hope, health, and happiness.”

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